Video: PRI 2014 Quickjack is the Safe, Easy, Portable Way to Lift Your Car

Available with either 12 volt or 120 volt configurations, and in 3,500 or 5,000 pound lift capacities, the Quickjack by Ranger Products is the ultimate portable car lift. These lightweight lifts are perfect for the racetrack or your own garage, and they store easily without robbing any floor space. Far safer and more convenient than a floor jack and jackstands, they're an affordable tool for any racer or hobbyist.

Simply put, QuickJack has done away with the need for jacks and stands—period. QuickJack handles the lifting and safe-keeping of your vehicle with the simple push of a button, and there are no crossbeams on the ground to get in your way. Each of the two frames feature automatic locking bars that are essentially "jack stands" built right into the sides.

If you’re ready for a better way to perform oil changes, tire swaps, auto detailing and virtually every job you used to do with jacks and stands, you need QuickJack.

When we talk about QuickJack as a portable car lift, we compare it to car jacks and jack stands. QuickJack is not meant to replace two-post lifts or four-post lifts. If you’re in the market for a full-size car lift, you need room around the lift to spare. Living situations factor into whether you want something permanent or portable.

QuickJack is the average car guy’s or gal’s dream. It’s faster and safer than jack stands, and it's essentially zero-footprint when stowed away. If you want a full-sized car lift, our parent company BendPak makes the safest, most rugged car lifts you’re going to find.