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Shop owners: It's a simple question. Do you want a cheap inferior automotive exhaust tube bender / exhaust pipe bender, or do you want one that will last? You know the old saying - you get what you pay for. Well it still holds true today. Anybody can sell you an inferior quality car exhaust system tubing bender at cheap prices. That's not what we're about. We carry BendPak pipe benders. They're the best in the industry and they've been at it for over 45 years.
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  • BendPak Tube Bender Digital 1302BA-302

    BendPak Tube Bender Digital 1302BA-302

    BendPak 1302BA-302 Digital-Automatic Tubing Bender w/302 Die Package | SKU 5115121 The BendPak 1302BA series of pipe benders features an ergonomically placed and highly sophisticated keypad display that ...



  • BendPak Tube Bender Semi Automatic 1302BAS-302

    BendPak Tube Bender Semi Automatic 1302BAS-302

    BendPak 1302BAS-302 Semi-Automatic Pipe Bender | 3-Button Control w/ 302 Die Package | SKU 5115180 The BendPak 1302BAS series is comprised of powerful automatic exhaust pipes benders designed to ...



  • BendPak BB-2 Blue Bullet Tube Bender

    BendPak Tube Bender Blue Bullet BB-2

    BendPak BB-2 Blue Bullet Pipe Bender w| B-2 Die Package | SKU 5115150 Meet the heavy-duty BendPak “Blue-Bullet” exhaust pipe bender. It takes off like a shot and helps you reach your ...



  • BendPak 300-1 Large 3" Die Package

    BendPak Pipe Bender 3” 300-1

    Optional die package extends the bending capabilities of your BendPak Pipe Bender.  Price shown is when purchased with bender.  If purchasing separately call for pricing.



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You don't get to be America's favorite tubing bender by accident. You'll find Bend Pak auto exhaust pipe bending machines all over the world. BendPak Benders are one of the world's most powerful, safest and dependable pipe benders money can buy. At BendPak, they pay strict attention to detail when it comes to product design, manufacturing, testing and support. Customer driven features are incorporated into each of their products to fit your specific needs. Bend Pak's manufacturing facilities employ state-of-the-art technology with advanced automation including robotics and computer controlled machines as part of integrated quality management system. Product development is facilitated by advanced CAD-CAM methods which permit design flexibility and increased efficiency. By using these advanced engineering techniques, combined with sophisticated manufacturing, accuracy is assured at all levels of the exhaust pipe bender production. They've been doing this for nearly 40 years - You better believe they know how to do it right!

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