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There is perhaps no more common piece of equipment in the modern automotive repair shop than the typical engine hoist. It is as important as any other piece of garage equipment. And we've got a great selection with several premium industry leading manufacturers. Check out our engine crane choices below.
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  • Hein-Werner HW93806 3 Ton Engine Crane

    Hein-Werner HW93806 3 Ton Engine Crane

    HeinWerner HW93806 3 Ton Heavy Duty Truck Engine Crane Comes standard with 360 degree swiveling hook for full engine or load rotation and 3 boom length settings and 3 leg extension settings. Made in USA.



  • Hein-Werner HW93809 Engine Crane

    Hein-Werner Engine Crane HW93809

    Hein-Werner HW93809 2 Ton Foldable Engine Crane  If space is at premium in your garage this engine crane folds for easy storage. The crane features a manual hand pump for load lifting and ...



  • AFF Engine Hoist

    AFF Engine Hoist 3584

    AFF 3584 Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Crane Most engine hoists are only rated up to 2 tons. AFF made this engine hoist for heavy truck engines all the way up to 3 tons. It's perfect for commercial auto ...



  • Omega 2 Ton Hydraulic Engine Hoist

    Omega Hydraulic Engine Hoist 2-Ton 44020

    Omega 2 Ton Engine Crane Model 44020 Featuring a special 8 Ton hydraulic hydraulic long ram with a patented safety overload by-pass mechanism built in to assure safety and longevity.



  • Ranger Shop Crane Folding RSC-2TF

    Ranger Shop Crane Folding 2 Ton Capacity RSC-2TF

    Ranger RSC-2TF 2-Ton Folding Shop Crane This 2 ton capacity hydraulic folding engine hoist is perfect for auto shops that have limited floor space but still want the lifting capabilities ...



  • AFF Engine Lift

    AFF 582 Engine Lift 2200 lb Capacity

    AFF 582 Engine Tilter 2200 lb. Capacity With a 23-1/2” wide support brace This model attaches quickly and easily to most automotive engines for lifting stability and security



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Engine Hoists and Engine Cranes

They are always on sale here at Automotive Service Equipment. Choose from top brands like Ranger, Hein Werner, Omega and American Forge & Foundry.  We have 1 ton capacity models for automotive engine lifting up to 3 ton heavy truck cranes. Call us today for the best deals.

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