AFF Transmission Jack 3171

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American Forge & Foundry Low Profile Transmission Jack Model 3171.
1200 lb. Capacity
Perfect for auto shops as well as home hobbyists looking to service a car off jack stands or a low rise car lift.


AFF supplies the automotive market with everything you need to handle the job. When you need to change out a transmission, you'll need the proper equipment. This jack is perfect for large or small passenger vehicles, as well as light trucks. No need to spend $1000 on a transmission jack. This is a commercial quality model with all the features you need. Saddle is fully adjustable and will conform to just about any transmission out there with the corner brackets which come standard with this mode. It sports the handy safety chains so you don't have to worry about the transmission falling off when you roll the jack around your auto shop floor.
As with any AFF product with a hydraulic cylinder in it, this unit has an overload bypass for safety sake, to prevent damage to the cylinder or the jack. That cheap, inferior product you may be comparing this model to probably doesn't have this feature. Another handy feature is that the 24" long handle can pivot around the pump 360 degrees. The casters aren't just the typical standard casters that you find on most transmission jacks out there. These are true industrial grade, made for rugged every day use. This low rise model is for use when the automobile is on jacks and jack stands, or when it's on a low rise automotive lift. Not for use when car is on a full rise above grounds lift. Lowered height is a nice 6 7/8" and raised height is a helpful 31 3/4". Perfect for most situations. This is the perfect model for probably 90% of garages.

  • Engineered for a wiode range of vehicles, including automotive & light truck transmissions
  • Universal saddle is fully adjustable and features safety chains and corner brackets.
  • Overload protection feature has safety bypass valve to prevent overload.
  • 24” handle pivots 360° around pump
  • Four industrial grade 3” casters
  • Head width 7"-13" & head length 8"-11"
  • adjusts from 6 7/8" low height to 31 3/4" high height
  • Ship weight 117 lbs.

More Information

More Information

Made in China to conform to ANSI standards.

AFF has over 200 service centers nationwide and is headquartered in NY.

Warranty is one year.