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AFF produces quite a few different transmission jacks for numerous applications. These include full rise under hoist jacks for automotive and light truck situations, as well as larger heavy truck jacks with a low profile for those situations when you just need 20 inches or so of lifting height. These heavy truck models include our very popular 3180A, which we nicknamed "The Beast" because it's such a monster of a jack. It will hold up to anything, and of course we've got it at the lowest possible price. Come to ASEdeals for the best discount deals, and the lowest price.

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  • AFF 3190SS Transmission Jack

    AFF Transmission Jack Air | Hydraulic 3190SS

    The AFF 3190SS  Air/Hydraulic TelescopicTransmission Jack 1/2 Ton Capacity |  Incorporates an air-operated first stage for ultimate speed with a hydraulic second stage for ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. 2195B

    AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. Capacity 2195B

    AFF Transmission Jack Model 2195B This full rise model was fabricated with a 2 stage hydraulic ram for heavy duty automotive and medium dudy truck transmission applications.



  • AFF Transmission Jack 3192B

    AFF Air Transmission Jack 3192B

    American Forge & Foundry 3192B Transmission Jack For use under full rise lift. This transmission jack can be operated with air or manually with the foot pump.



  • Jack Model 3172

    AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. Capacity 3172

    American Forge & Foundry Transmission Jack Model 3172. Low Profile model for cars and trucks that are up on jack stands or low rise lifts. Saddle is fully adjustable with safety chains ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack 1100 Lb. Capacity 3190B

    AFF Transmission Jack Hydrraulic 1100 Lb. Capacity 3190B

    American Forge & Foundry Transmission Jack Model 3190B This popular model has an 1100 pound capacity for handling most automobiles and light truck transmissions. The hydraulic cylinder has two ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack Model 3171

    AFF Transmission Jack 3171

    American Forge & Foundry Low Profile Transmission Jack Model 3171. 1200 lb. Capacity Perfect for auto shops as well as home hobbyists looking to service a car off jack stands or a low rise car lift.



  • AFF Transmission Jack Fuel Tank Adapter 3198

    AFF Transmission Jack Fuel Tank Adapter 3198

    AFF Fuel Tank Adapter Model 3198  Allows AFF transmission jack Models 3190B, 3192B and 2195B to install and remove fuel tanks.



  • AFF Transmission Jack 3160

    AFF Transmission Jack 450 Lb. Capacity 3160

    AFF Transmission Jack Model 3160. Adjustable head for easier positioning and alignment.



  • AFF 3181 Transmission Jack Adapter

    AFF Transmission Jack Adapter 3181

    AFF Model 3181 Transmission Jack Adapter - Designed for use with the AFF model 3180 heavy duty truck transmission jack. Allows you to upgrade the popular 3180 trans jack to make it more adaptable ...



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AFF transmission jacks for automotive and light truck use. Super heavy duty transmission jack models are also available in full rise as well as low profile applications. Don't settle for one of those cheap, inferior, no-name brands. Get one that was made to last and is rebuild-able. by a reputable manufacturer.

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