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ASE Deals has been in business since 1996, and since that time, we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of garage equipment, and we have sold many thousands of products, and have many thousands of satisfied customers. Our many returning customers know what we're all about, and what our products are all about. But for those new customers, we began shooting videos within the last few years to help better illustrate the point. Just scroll down below to view our videos relating to our mission, our customer videos, pictures and testimonials, along with some of our more popular products in our line-up, including our 4 post car lifts, 2 post lifts, tire changers, car battery jump starters, floor jacks, jack stands and many other products. You'll also find amazing footage from popular classic car auto auctions, car collector trade show events, and even car collector museums.

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Check out some of our more popular garage equipment videos below

Shown above is our ASE company video, highlighting our company's products and services, along with one of our satisfied customers.

When the Newport Car Museum needed a car lift to service their amazing fleet of classic cars and automobiles, they trusted on ASEdeals to set them up right. We hooked them up with our Tuxedo FP9KDX-XLT four post lift. This is a commercial grade auto lift with a very reasonable price tag. Check out this great lift in this video, and then check out the awesome collection of collector cars. These automobiles are very impressive.
The country's top auto museums trust ASE, so should you.

Shown above is a video highlighting a customer who purchased 12 of our most popular garage lifts, the BendPak HD-9XW four post lift. This customer uses them for car parking and storage, but these lifts are equally suitable for servicing automobiles as well. This video details the main features and some installation aspects of the HD-9 and HD-7 series lifts.

Check out the video above to view details regarding our BendPak 2 post lifts. View features, specifications and information regarding accessories and options that are available. They are loaded with features you just won't find on most car hoists out there. This customer purchased the model with our low profile arms, perfect for servicing tuner cars and exotics and sports cars. The BendPak XPR10AS and XPR10AS-LP are our most popular two post lifts for a good reason. Click on the video above to see why.

You simply must check this one out. This customer fabricates unique, one-of-a-kind vehicles, using the Hot Wheels toy cars and concept cars as his inspiration. We set him up with our TP9KAC two post lift for servicing and fabricating them. You'll be seeing more from this customer, as his vehicles have been featured on popular car collector television programs.

They say that there is no better form of advertising than a customer referral. Well, if that's the case, we've got plenty of those. Check out this video for just a small sample of satisfied customers, with pictures of their cars, the products they purchased from us, and their decked out garages.
For more, check out our Customer Pictures and Testimonials page.

Click on the video above to view our Jump N Carry car battery jump starters. These are true commercial quality automotive and truck hand-held battery booster packs. They have the features, durability, and most importantly, the raw power to get the job done - every time.

Whenever the folks at the Rochester Auto Museum need some auto lifts, they contact ASE, because they know we will provide them with the finest equipment on the market, and that we will provide full installation and professional service as well.
 Every so often you just want to show off. That's what this video is all about. Sure, we show some of our BendPak four post lifts that we supplied to this customer in this video, but that's really secondary to the beauty and power of the automobiles in this ultimate garage. It's chocked full of classic cars and muscle cars from the era when cars were made for the fun of it. Just sit back and enjoy the view of this awesome car museum.

These automotive jack stands are one of our most popular products. You might wonder why at first glance, but once you see them in this video, you'll quickly realize why. There absolutely is no finer jack stand on the market.

Another great video illustrating the features of the BendPak HD-9 series and HD-7 series four post lifts. If you are considering an automotive lift for your garage, you must watch this video first. It delves into the key safety features, as well as convenience features that explains why BendPak lifts are the first choice for the car enthusiast and exotic , muscle car and classic car collectors. See why BendPak 4 post lifts are so superior.

‚ÄčThe Dannmar D7 and D7X four post lifts are perfect for the home garage owner who wants a superior quality garage lift when compared to the typical home hobby lift. Dannmar offers superior features and is one of a very select few to be ALI certified. Check out this video to see why they are a great alternative to the common cookie-cutter designed lifts out there.

For commercial auto shops, professional auto repair shops, fleet maintenance garages, and even home garage owners who need to handle larger vehicles and equipment, you'll want to check out our BendPak HDS-14 heavy duty four post lifts. Made for demanding every-day use, these auto lifts will hold up where others will fail. And of course, we have models all the way up to 40,000 lb. capacity.

The 200T low profile floor jack is manufactured for commercial auto shops that specialize in servicing and maintaining low ground clearance sports cars. But don't let that stop you if you're just a home gear-head. The home DIY customers love these as well.

This video is an overview of a BendPak 2 post lift installation. This is a perfect primer for automotive lift technicians who want helpful tips and guidance on the details of installing two post lifts. Perhaps you might learn something too. Of course, if you are considering purchasing a hoist, we can arrange for installing your lift anywhere nationwide. Just give us a call.

Popular You Tube personality Chris Rudnick needed a car lift. So we set him up with our LaunchTech USA TLT210XT two post lift. Find out how it helps him perform work and cool modifications to all kinds of different vehicles in his garage. And find out the many valuable features of this awesome hoist.

It's new. It's cool. - And, it's approved by Matilda. Find out all about our popular new low profile floor jack from ESCO. This hydraulic garage jack is a versatile piece of equipment to have in any professional or car enthusiast garage.

Check out this video above showing our install crew installing our popular BendPak HD9 four post lift. Learn more about the details of installing this great piece of equipment. Of course, you can install it yourself, or, you can opt for us to make the arrangements for you. After all, we do offer installation service nationwide.

Bill Goldberg loves his cars. And he also loves his auto shop equipment. Check out his selection of automobiles, along with his BendPak lifts, and other Ranger shop equipment. It's very impressive.

We were able to attend the 2016 Barrett - Jackson auto auction at the Mohegan Sun arena in Uncasville, CT, and we came away with some really cool footage of the event, including some amazing exotic cars, classic automobiles, and we even mingled with some celebrities. Check it all out here.

We visited the huge SEMA show in Las Vegas in 2016 and got the opportunity to meet up with several of our manufacturers, including Industrial Gold Air Compressors. Check out why their premium Platinum series auto shop air compressors provide any garage with an unequaled, elite quality machine with all the top features you demand.

BelAire is one of the largest air compressor manufacturers in the entire world. And the best part? - They're made in USA. We caught up with BelAire while we were at the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Most BelAire models include a two year warranty that covers every component.

Another vendor we caught up with while visiting the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas 2018 was Challenger.  Challenger is known throughout the auto shop equipment industry as one of the leading manufacturers of automobile and garage lifts. Check out their 9,000 lb. capacity 4 post lifts for the home garage in the video about. It's ALI certified, and is among the best you will find.

If you want a portable mid rise scissor lift that will truly hold up to the brutal daily use of a busy auto body shop, the BendPak MD6XP car lift is for you. It is so versatile and can be used by the busy professional auto repair shops, but it's also very popular with the home crowd because of it's features and affordability.

This popular vehicle lift is truly unique. The MSC6K-LP is like a cross between a pallet jack and a forklift. It's very popular with salvage yards because it's completely portable so it can be transported across lots to where a disabled automobile is, and it can raise up to 6,000 lbs. to a full rise, so you can stand underneath the car. No other auto lift offers so many capabilities.

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