Hein-Werner Caterpiller Adapter HW93776-5

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Hein-Werner Model HW93776-5 Caterpiller Adapter for Engine Stand HW93776
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For Caterpiller engines - 1673, 1674, 1693, 3306, 3406 in-line 6 cyl. also 1100 & 3208 V8 & 3408 V8. Nobody else gives you this kind of versatility. If you're servicing these specific model engines, you'll want to get this adapter. Hein Werner offers the widest variety of adapters for their heavy truck engine stand to allow you to handle any engine that comes your way. Be the most versatile shop in your area and don't turn any work away because you don't have the proper tools for the job.. Premium features and made in America. Give us a call today.