Ranger Tire Changer Entry-Level R745

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Ranger R745 RimGuard™ 21" Capacity Entry-Level Tire Changer | SKU 5140148
The Ranger R745 is a basic tire changer for entry-level tire and wheel service. It's ideal for performing rapid wheel service on most types of passenger wheels, as well as spare tires and trailer tires.

This model does NOT have the popular Jet Blast feature. All other Ranger models do.

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Probably the biggest concern of our customers over the past 17 years has been - How long will it last? That's where the R745 comes in. These machines are the lastest and greatest products from Ranger that incorporate all of the high-end features from top manufacturers, yet they are surprisingly affordable. They were made not only for the start-up auto shop and full service garage. They are also suitable for high volume tire shops as well. Go ahead. Use them and abuse them. They will stand up to the abuse. They were made to hold up to everyday use - day in, day out. Constructed with heavy duty components so you won't be out of commision 6 months after the warranty expires. And specialized too. You'll be able to tackle those stubborn, hard to change wheels, like thicker wall tires, and low profile wheels. Controls are all conveniently positioned to maximize productivity, and Ranger doesn't take any shortcuts. All components are industrial quality, leading to longer service life and less down time. And just check out the capability of these machines. They can handle a wide range of rim / tire diameters. Any shop owner would be proud to own one.

The Ranger R745 is a reliable entry level tower style tire machine with a 18" external rim clamping capability.
Note - This is the only model that does NOT have the popular jet blast bead seating feature.

The Fastest Wheel Service in the Business

You know what you need. And if what you need isn't that complicated, the Ranger R745 is the only tire changer you may ever put in your shop. Ideal for gas stations, roadside tire shops, small personal operations or as a backup for your more specialized tire machine. The swing-arm design lets you load tires fast, and the steel clamps are perfect for passenger cars, daily commuters, spares and trailer tires. There's nothing fancy here, and frankly, some people just want it that way.

Only pay for what you need

The Ranger R745 is a rigid tower tire machine designed to handle the needs of heavy volume tire shops. A sturdy body, rigid 45mm hexagonal vertical shaft and hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm eliminate flex during all tire service procedures to reduce the chance of expensive wheels getting damaged.

A supersized turntable provides an internal clamping capacity of 21" and external clamping capacity of 18". With a long list of time-saving features and a powerful pneumatic optional assist helper, you’ll safely mount low-profile performance tires and wheels with little effort.

High-torque electric turntable

Featuring faster operating speeds and reverse-direction control for easier tire swaps, this tire changer reduces the risk of tire damage, especially for low-profile and run-flat beads that need time to relax.

Enhanced bead breaker blade

The R745 tire changers are fit with an advanced bead breaker blade. Its durable construction ensures better mechanical strength, as well as many years of dependable service life. A rubber bump stop ensures a smooth arm return, lessening shock loading and minimizing any wear on the pneumatic cylinder. Other moving parts are also kept safe by the bump stop.

Forged steel foot pedal levers

All Ranger tire changers feature 100% forged steel foot pedals. This design makes the foot pedals remarkably lightweight, durable and non-reactive with chemicals, liquids and other inadvertent environmental elements. As the most-exposed part of your tire changer, it was important to us that we find the best material for your shop. Many other brands use cast-iron pedals, which are heavy, susceptible to rust and require more maintenance over time.

Sealed tight

Protecting the internal workings of your tire changer is first and foremost in our minds, so there’s little to no component maintenance for you to worry about. Every main‐lead electrical terminal, auxiliary switch and motor enclosure is air‐tight, dust‐free and utterly safe from contamination.

High-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing

Our R745 tire changers come standard with high-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing that’s constructed with a smooth, seamless bore to improve flow. The tire changer’s tubing boasts a high abrasion resistance, as well as high burst tolerance and total kink resistance.

Specially engineered drive-belt

The convex sidewalls on the R745’s drive-belt evenly disperse wear. As a result, the tire changer itself lasts significantly longer in your shop due to the improved belt support. Flex‐bonded cords and flex‐weave covers keep away contaminants and pollutants, such as water and oil, as well as weather conditions that are out of your control.

Maintenance-free gearbox

Ranger is proud to offer tire changers so well-constructed, you never have to service their gearboxes. The R745 tire changer is no different. Like our other models, it features an impressive oil and grease tank, which releases heat and better lubricates the components. Internal baffles work in conjunction with a constant-seating stress flange gasket to provide low temperatures though superior venting and zero fluid leakage.

Upfront controls

We keep our tire changer controls upfront and logically arranged for both speed and ease-of-use.

Aluminum pneumatic cylinders

To keep machine vibration and fiction levels low and extend the life of your tire changer, Ranger optimizes the stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders. Specifically, we’ve made sure internal end-of-stroke cushions come included on each cylinder, protecting the seals, wear band and piston rod. Each cylinder is continuously lubricated during use, further lengthening the life of your unit and strengthening our claim that Ranger makes the best tire changers in the world.

Alloy steel mount & demount head

The equi-dimensional shape of our mount and demount head lets you change tires without changing the position of the tool head. The tool head surface is manufactured micro-smooth, so mounting gliding tire beads into place is easy. Your tire changer is useless if it busts tires during routine operations, so our hardened alloy steel mount and demount head is specially designed to keep your tires safe at all times, even in the busiest shop environments.

All the extras come standard

We want you to have the means to clean, protect and maintain your tire changer without having to spend extra or go out of your way. A soap bucket and brush comes standard, along with turntable jaw covers, bead‐breaker blade boots and mount / demount head covers. Everything can be stored right in the tire changer itself, so you’re not losing things, searching around the shop and ordering extras of what you think you’ve lost. To keep you swapping tires with the best of them, a steel tire iron and bead lever tool comes included with your purchase. You’ll find it is an indispensable tool that every tire changer operator should be familiar with and capable of using during mount and demount procedures.

45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft

A rigid 45 mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft and hardened‐steel horizontal outrigger support arm keep the mount-demount tool head perfectly still during operations. This all but ensures you won’t damage expensive wheels due to a loose or shifting tool head. The tire changer is fitted with linear guide bearings that make it easy to adjust both the vertical and horizontal wheel settings. These guide bearings are completely maintenance-free for the entire lifespan of your tire changer. The non‐flex horizontal arm boasts a hardened lower roller guide for controlled, balanced movements.

Tire inflator features

A pistol-type tire inflator with a sure‐grip clip‐on valve chuck has never been easier to operate and permits full-function, hands‐free operation.

Plenty of storage

Keep your shop clean, calm and ready for anything. Your tire changer has enough storage to hold all provided tools and accessories, as well as other items you want nearby while you work.

Optional motorcycle turntable clamps

If you need to service motorcycles, you need a set of optional motorcycle turntable clamps to accompany your tire changer purchase. They’re rugged, dependable and guaranteed to add versatility to your work efforts.

Features and Specs

SPECIFICATIONS Ranger R745 Tire Changer 

  • Inflation gauge with integrated air dump valve: standard / pistol type
  • Water filter
  • Oiler / lubricator
  • Air regulator
  • Breaker bar
  • Large soap / lubricator bucket
  • Brush
  • Traveling drop-center hold down device
  • Inflation restraint device
  • Tool tray / bin storage
  • Motorcycle turntable clamps (optional)
Style: Fixed Tower Design
Assist Type: Single-Tower Assist
Speed: Standard
Drive System Type: Electric / Air
Motor: 3 HP (220 VAC 50-60 HZ)
Air Requirement: 110 - 175 psi (8 - 12 BAR)
Wheel Clamping Method: 4 Internal / External Clamps
Table Clamping System: Dual pneumatic cylinders
Bead Breaking System: Pneumatic Blade
Power Assist Towers: Optional
Tool Holder: Manual Lock
Tower Design: Rigid / Fixed
Bead Lifting Roller: Single / Left
Internal Rim Clamping Capacity: 12" – 21" (304 mm - 533 mm)
External Rim Clamping Capacity: 10" – 18" (254 mm - 457 mm)
Turntable Tire Width Capacity Mount: 5" – 12" (127 mm – 305 mm)
Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity Demount: 3" – 11" (76 mm – 279 mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter: 39" (991 mm)


More Information

More Information

Ranger Tire Changer Entry-Level R745 Brochure (.pdf)

Ranger Tire Changer Entry-Level R745 Manual (.pdf)

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