AFF Air Hydraulic Floor Jack 3135

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AFF Model 3135 Air Hydraulic Floor Jack
10 Ton Capacity | Designed for heavy-duty lifting applications requiring access to very low hard-to-reach areas.


AFF Model 3135 air hydraulic floor jack is professional quality, extremely durable and designed for heavy lifting.  Think big: bus, truck fleets, industrial, agricultural, even heavy construction equipment. Made for heavy-duty lifting this floor jacks long 61" body with 8-1/4" frame height makes lifting easier for applications requiring access to very low, hard to reach areas or for vehicles with long overhangs. The 3135 service jack operates at 115-200 PSI, 7.8 cubic feet per minute. This jacks features include: automatic overload safety valves, sturdy, large 4-1/2" front wheels and rear casters measuring 2-3/4" for easy mobility and a handle mounted control lever that allows you to lock the handle in 1 of the 3 available positions.  Quick lifting made effecient with foot-operated pump but this jack can be operated manually when shop air is not available.

American Forge & Foundry Inc. has made quite a name for themselves over the years. Formed in 1963, they have grown into a specialist in providing top quality auto shop equipment while maintaining very competitive prices. AFF has over 300 service centers throughout the nation and maintains a complete supply of replacement parts that ensure that your product is not just another throw-away like so many others.

Features and Specs

  • Capacity: 10 tons
  • Low Height: 7 inches
  • High Height: 23 inches
  • Length: 61 inches
  • Front Width: 13 inches
  • Rear Width: 18 inches
  • Ship Weight: 387 lbs.
  • Operates at 115-200 PSI, 7.8 cubic feet per minute
  • Long 61" body with 8-1/4" frame height for easier lifting of vehicles with long overhangs
  • Foot-operated pump for quick lifting efficiency
  • Automatic overload safety valves
  • Large, rugged 4-1/2" front wheels and 2-3/4" rear casters
  • A handle-mounted control lever to lock handle in 1 of 3 positions
  • Can be operated manually when shop air is not available
  • Ship weight 387 lbs

More Information

More Information

Made in China to conform to ANSI standards.

AFF has over 200 service centers nationwide and is headquartered in NY.

Warranty is one year.