AFF Aluminum Jack Model 210

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American Forge & Foundry Aluminum Service Jack Model 210
3 Ton Capacity | Double Pump Design


What makes an AFF Aluminum speed jack superior to others? These things are made for professionals. You can find dozens of cheap imitators all over out thyere. Look at the big chain stores. Look in the bargain mass mailing catalogs. Then, when you want a serious product, come to ASEdeals. This aluminum jack is machined to precision of billet aluminum and held together with precision fasteners. You're not getting some cookie cutter design here. Get a jack that racing enthusiasts trust. And with a solid 3 ton capacity, you'll be able to raise automobiles that most jacks would crumble under. Completely rebuildable too.

•Double Pump Design

•Padded 2 Pc. Handle

•Padded Saddle

•2 Side Handles

•Front Wheels

Features and Specs


Low Height      3.75"

High Height     19.3"

Length              26"

Width                14"

Ship Weight     58 lbs.

More Information

More Information

Made in China to conform to ANSI standards.

AFF has over 200 service centers nationwide and is headquartered in NY.

Warranty is one year.