AFF Aluminum Racing Jack 2-Ton Capacity 200SS

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AFF Model 200ss 2 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack
Designed for the racing crowd, but used by many different types of customers. This model is a light weight jack that is easy to transport, yet has a healthy 2 ton capacity. Plus, it utilizes the AFF double pump technology, so it gets your car up twice as fast. Sweet!


Don't make the mistake of comparing this model to those "economy" jacks out there. You'll find them out there at all kinds of ridiculously low prices. Problem is - that's all they're worth. We weeded through numerous cheap aluminum jacks out there before we settled on our AFF models. These jacks are truly a professional grade product, made for commercial use - every day.
Look at any steel floor jack rated at 2 ton capacity, and you'll see weights of around twice this incredibly light weight aluminum jack. This thing tips the scales at only 54 lbs. This will save your back and will make it much easier to bring back and forth to the race track too. The double pumping feature allows you to raise the automobile twice as fast as a normal jack, all while doing so smoothly and easily without worrying about the seals leaking. A super low lowered height of only 3.75" means you'll be able to reach under low profile sports cars, while the comfortable raised height of 19.5" means you can get most vehicles, even most pick-up trucks up high enough to get the tires off.
These are dependable, reliable, and won't fall apart 6 months after the warranty expires.

Features and Specs


  • Lifting height ranges from 3.75" up to 19.5"
  • Innovative single piece handle is removable
  • Rugged anodized finish holds up to abuse better than most
  • Frame contact saddle is pinned to stay put when transporting
  • Saddle features rubber pad cushion to protect vehicle underside
  • Chrome coil-over return springs for longevity
  • Nylon wheels with casters for easy rolling
  • Side handles allow for easier transporting
  • Wide frame stance for maximum stability
  • Large hydraulic reservoirs with increased oil capacity for smooth and swift lifting


  • Capacity - 2 Tons
  • Overall Width (front) - 11.75"
  • Overall Width (rear) - 13"
  • Chassis Length - 26"
  • Shipping Weight - 54 lbs.

More Information

More Information

Made in China to conform to ANSI standards.

AFF has over 200 service centers nationwide and is headquartered in NY.

Warranty is one year.


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