Auto Dolly 12" Heavy Duty

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Auto Dolly Heavy Duty 12"
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This is the original Heavy Duty Auto Dolly by Merrick Machine! The 12" width is perfect for a wide range of modern passenger and truck tires.
Sold in Sets of 4 Only
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This is the original Heavy Duty Auto Dolly! The 12" width is perfect for a wide range of modern passenger and truck tires. Like all of our casters for The Auto Dolly, the Heavy Duty caster contains a mar-resistant polyolefin wheel that also features a crown profile. The crown profile wheel means less rolling resistance in contact with the ground. The wheel profile also helps to pinch small debris out of the path, rather than coming to a screeching halt.

Like the entire line of The Auto Dolly, the 12" with Heavy Duty Casters is made of super-strong 1/4" steel not flimsy stamped steel. With the Heavy Duty Casters, this means that an individual Dolly has a weight capacity of a whopping 2500 lbs (5000 lbs per pair, 10,000 lbs per set of 4). We also have lower-capacity standard Auto Dolly sets, available in 8", 12", and 16" widths.

The Auto Dolly products and Specialty Tools are made right here in the USA. That means that we can make our products from the rugged materials necessary, without worrying about how much it will cost to move those materials across an ocean. This allows us to deliver a far more durable product and get it into your hands faster.

Features and Specs


  • Allows moving a vehicle in ANY direction, even sideways.
  • 1/4" Steel
  • 2500 lb capacity (single dolly), 5000 lb capacity (pair), 10,000 lb capacity (set of 4)
  • Heavy Duty Caster features a larger diameter, easier-rolling wheel
  • Mar-resistant polyolefin wheels save your floor finish.
  • Facilitates shop order and easier, more complete floor cleaning.
  • Free up precious floor space in your shop or garage
  • Powder Coat finish


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