BendPak Aluminum Deck Solid Platform 5210209

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This solid aluminum deck option is fabricated to fit on the BendPak Lifts in the HD-9 and HD-7 series. This handy accessory allows you to store other types of vehicles and equipment up top, instead of just automobiles. Store lawn tractors, motorcycles, and other equipment, as well as protect the vehicle underneath from oil and other fluids that might be dripping down from above.
Price shown is when purchased with lift.  If purchasing separately call for pricing.


 This popular accessory provides a platform to store equipment and vehicles on your HD-9 or HD-7 series BendPak lifts. Solid deck option fills the entire length of space between the runways. Comes in 2 pieces. Because they're fabricated of aluminum, they're light weight and easy to put on and off, so when you need to use the car lift as a service lift, to gain access to the underside of the vehicle, you will have quick and easy access. Increases storage space by allowing you to place motorcycles, ATV's lawn and garden equipment and more, to keep your garage floor clear from clutter. It also acts as a protection again fluid spills from the vehicle being stored above, so the vehicle and floor below won't get dips on it. Finish is a pleasing professional looking diamond plate surface that prevents slipping.

Features and Specs

Fits all HD-9 and HD-7 Series Bend Pak lifts

  • Solid fabricated aluminum construction
  • Protects items below, like cars, equipment and floor from harmful and staining fluids
  • Easy to mount and dismount from the car lift
  • Allows for additional storage capacity