BendPak P9000LTF Pit-Style Low Rise Lift

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ALI Certified Automotive Lift

BendPak P-9000LTF 9,000 Lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Open-Center, Pit-Style | SKU 5175155
The P-9000LTF is one of the industry's highest-capacity low-rise scissor lifts. It offers a flush-mounted and open-center design, so you can lift heavy-duty equipment without taking up an inch of vertical space in your shop when the lift is not in use. Expand your service capabilities with a 9,000-lb. capacity pit-style, open-center, low-rise lift. With a dual-approach design, and an electric-hydraulic power system with a hands-free safety system, BendPak pit-style lifts represent optimum convenience and versatility for any garage or lube shop.


Massive Power and Zero Footprint

The P-9000LTF is BendPak's 9,000-lb. offering that simply increases the lifting power of the P-6BF pit lift. No matter what you're working on, BendPak has the capability to lift it. High-stance trucks and SUVs can be easily serviced with the optional arm extension kit and truck adapter set. With this much lifting potential, there's almost no lift point spread or vehicle frame the P-9000LTF can't handle. Shops run faster and earn more with the super-efficient P-9000LTF at their disposal. A host of clever engineering devices and standard features ensure this car lift will last for many years of valuable service.

Pneumatic lock release

Other brands still utilize older-style spring releases on their pit-lifts. These springs are less effective for low-rise lift styles because they eventually require maintenance. Flush-mounted operations leave the springs invisible most of the time, so it's harder to inspect them unless vehicles are being lifted. Air cylinders are extraordinarily safe and do not require maintenance, just a simple 50 psi charge every once in a while.

Low-profile design

When flush-mounted, the zero-footprint P-9000LTF virtually disappears. This design takes up less space in your shop, permitting easier movement around tight areas.

Rugged steel channel frame

Everything about this lift is heavy-duty. Its super-wide frames will handle any size vehicle frame, and the steel bars themselves are power coated throughout a 10-step process that ensures the very best in quality and durability. The steel, as well as the finish, make your BendPak as reliable as any lift ever made.

Solid rubber lift blocks

Hard rubber blocks come with every BendPak lift. We don't play around when it comes to trust, so these blocks are just made tougher than anyone else's. No flimsy contact pads that rip and cost you more down the road. Blocks sit squarely on the lift's frame and even add a few more inches to your lift's capability.

Optional arm set

Trucks, SUVs and other long-wheelbase vehicles may require more than the simple rubber blocks to gain adequate clearance over the lift. Our arm kit provides offset lifting and additional height to handle everything that rolls your way.

Detachable ramps

The P-9000LTF pit lift mounts flush against the concrete.

Detailed instructions

The P-9000LTF comes with extremely detailed and easy-to-read instructions. Safety decals and stick-on labels are included and can be replaced any time by contacting BendPak direct.

Features and Specs

  • 9,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Easily convert fast-lube pits into wheel service work bays
  • Mounts outside the pit rail without interfering with center work area
  • Model P-9000F flush-mount model provides recessed drive-over option
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2 HP electric-hydraulic power unit
  • Electronic push-button controls allow smooth, single-hand operation
  • Automatic multi-position safety locks with air release deliver safe, remote operation
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Durable rubber-topped pad surface and rubber lift blocks provide quick set-up
  • ALI-Certified to meet strict industry and government standards

P-9000F Low-Rise Lift, Pit-Style Lift, Open-Center Design, Flush-Mount

  • Lifting capacity: 9,000 lbs. / 4,082 kg
  • Lifting Height (Less Lift Blocks): 23.3” / 592 mm
  • Lifting Height (With 3” Lift Blocks): 26.3” / 668 mm
  • Overall Lift Platform Length: 58.5” / 1,484 mm
  • Overall Lift Platform Width: 24” / 610 mm
  • Overall Length: 74.4” / 1,890 mm
  • Lowered Height: 3.15” / 80 mm
  • Lifting Time: 35 sec
  • Power Unit / Motor (*): 35 sec
  • Speed of rise: 55 seconds
  • Standard motor (**): 1.5 HP/110-220 VAC/60 Hz/1Ph

*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by **ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult 

**Multi-station power unit and special voltages available upon request
**The design, material and specifications are subject to change without notice


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More Information

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