Booster PAC Hand-Held Jump Starter ES2500

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900 Peak Amps 12 Volt Jump Starter
This is our entry level jump starter for professional use. It is light weight, and easy to store and carry around, yet provides adequate power for most automotive starting jobs.


Sure, we know. There are all kinds of hand-held car jump starters out there that cost a lot less money. We could have carried those cheap models. We actually did for a short period of time. We just were not happy with the feedback we received on those so called “bargain” model battery jump starters we were getting from our customers. So we decided to carry only the best names in the industry - Booster Pac and Jump N Carry. If you're serious about getting a jump starter that won't let you down when you need it most, then check out our jump starters by Booster-Pac below. If quality doesn't matter to you, and you don't care if your vehicle starts on the next cold morning, then you'll need to shop elsewhere for one of those bargain booster packs. We just refuse to settle.
THE name in Portable Power over 1.5 million Booster Pac units have been sold since their introduction in 1987. The Booster Pac line provides the power to jump start 12 and 24 Volt vehicles; anytime, anywhere. It's no fluke that Booster pack is the biggest name in hand-held jump start booster packs.

The BoosterPac Model ES2500 has a convenient compact size, a durable housing, and the power to jump starter over 5 automobiles on a single charge. This model is the perfect addition to the common auto shop or even the home user. But it's not just for jumpstarting. It's also a great power source when you need portable power

Features and Specs


  • 900 peak amps.
  • Powerful 17 amp hour battery.
  • LED battery status indicator to indicate state of charge.
  • Automatic recharging and auto shut-off feature means you don't have to worry about over-charging.
  • Long 23" Heavy duty cables.
  • DC outlet to power 12 Volt accessories.
  • 1 year limited warranty.


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