JohnDow Air Evacuation Kit JDI-EK

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JohnDow JDI-EK Air Evacuation Kit for JDI-LP4 Oil Drain.
Made specifically as an accessory for the JDI-LP4 oil drain unit. Allows you to evacuate waste oil from the JDI-LP4 using shop air.


JohnDow Model JDI-EK air evacuation kit accessory for the JDI-LP4 Oil Drain.
Don't wait for gravity to do what air power can do in a fraction of the time. After you purchase the oil drain, and you've allowed the automobile's waster oil to drain into it, then what? You can lift the drain up onto a work bench or other surface that is higher than the drum or bulk waste oil container you want to place the oil into. And then you can open the spigot and let the oil drain down slowly and gradually. Or, if you want to save time, lots of time, you can purchase this handy little accessory. It will pay for itself in no time. Remember, time is modey. If your mechanic is waiting, he's not earning. This air evac kit will allow transferring oil much more quickly and easily.

  • Turns the JDI-LP4 oil drain unit into a self evacuating drain.
  • Transport waste oil easily and quickly into any bulk storage container or drum utilizing shop air.  
  • Accessory Kit includes everything you need, including all mounting hardware, 10 foot hose section with drain plug, and air regulator with safety relief valve.
  • Weighs 21 lbs..

Using regular shop air, oil is quickly able to be transferred from the drain to any drum or bulk storage tank for easy transport.