JohnDow Low Profile Oil Drain 25 Gallon JDI-LP5

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JohnDow JDI-LP5 Low Profile Portable Oil Drain with Electric Evacuation Pump. Includes electrically powered evacuation pump to drain waste oil quickly and easily. Low profile frame alllows it to be rolled under most automobiles and trucks to easily change oil when a car is on a low, or mid rise lift, or on jack stands. 25 gallon capacity steel tank.


JohnDow Model JDI-LP5 low profile oil drain. If you're placing a vehicle up on a full rise auto lift, you'll probably want to choose a different model oil drain. This model was made for being placed under mainly for trucks, but also for cars that are up on jack stands, or up on a low rise or mid rise lift. Just roll it underneath the automobile where you need it and let gravity do the rest. Wide coverage area means you won't have to clean up a mess on the floor. But you won't need gravity to remove the oil from this drain and transport it to a bulk storage container. That's what the 10' air evacuation hose is for.

  • 25-gallon actual capacity (but a 22-gallon functional capacity)
  • Low 9.5" profile is only 9.5 inches rolls easily under most vehicles.
  • Perfect for high capacity trucks and busses
  • Dimensions -  48"L x 25"W x 9.5"H.
  • 10 foot long hose for evacuation
  • Baffled Reservoir features baffles to prevent splashing when rolling around.
  • 38" T handle easily folds down to store it away
  • Industrial strength casters for easy handling.
  • Large metal shield reduces the chance for splash.
  • 110v electric pump powers drain.
  • Weighs 97lbs.