JohnDow Oil Filter Crusher HDC-150-94

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Heavy-Duty Truck Oil Filter Crusher
For the storage and disposal of used oil filters can reduce the oil filter size by up to 75% and removesbetter than 95% of the residual waste oil.
Stand and drum sold separately.


JohnDow Industries

John Dow is serious about their products. Many manufacturers throw the term "heavy duty" around loosely. The HDC-150-94 truly is a heavy duty truck oil filter crusher. Made for automotive, light truck, and larger truck oil filters. This Crusher meets standard federal, state and local environmental compliance regulations. The heavy duty aluminum frame housing encases the high pressure hydraulicsystem for additional safety and shields all components from significant damage. And the unitized construction means maintenance is easy. You'll also find it just as easy to operate: just load the used filter and close the front door to activate the crushing process. Another great benefit is unit's uniquely designed door channel that prevents any drips and leaks and keeps the oil in the crushing chamber and not on your floor. Floor stand, drum and drum caster base are optional accessories.

Features and Specs


  • Reduce filter size by 75% and removeS over 95% of the residual oil
  • Operates on shop air and can be set up anywhere 
  • Compact size takes less than four square feet of floor space
  • Stand and drum sold separately


Height - 40"
Width - 12-3/4"
Depth - 12-3/4"
Filter height - 13"
Filter diameter - 6"
Crushing force - 15 tons
Pump-type - Air/hydraulic



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