JohnDow Two-Way Fuel Caddy Filter JDI-FF25

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JohnDow Model JDI-FF25 Two-Way Fuel Filter. For use on JohnDow JDI-25GC Gas Caddy. Pricing is for when it ships with the gas caddy. Please call for price if shipped separately.


JohnDow Model JDI-FF25 Two Way Fuel Filter. Suitable for use on the JohnDow JDI-25GC Gas Caddy. A great accessory that is well worth the investment. This filter will work both ways - forward or backward. So go ahead and pump into the caddy and filter the fuel, or to extract the fuel from the caddy, you'll be able to filter it as well that way. You don't need to hit any switches or make any adjustments, there are no valves. The filters are standard 10 micron, and will capture most contaminants and debris, rust, dirt, etc... Comes with two filters to start, subsequent replacement filters are available. A mounting bracket enables you to mount this unit right on the Fuel Caddy. The siphoning / dispensing hose is also included.

  • Automatically filters fuel in both directions, siphoning or dispensing. No manual levers or valves to adjust
  • Comes with two 10-micron fuel filters, supply hose and mounting bracket
  • Weight 15 Lbs.