KleenTec Auto Parts Washer EcoMaster 4000

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KleenTec EcoMaster EM4000 - 30 gallon capacity aqueous parts washer featuring mechanical agitation.
Featuring a handy flexible spigot and a flo-thru brush. Plus, you also have the ability to soak parts and allow the handy mechanical agitator to help do most of the work for you by pre-cleaning the parts.
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Built for years of convenient, low cost cleaning
The big knock on water based parts cleaning over the early years was that it wasn't as effective as solvent based detergents. That may have been the case before now. But with the EM4000, you can clean your automotive shop parts just as well as solvent based cleaning because of several key features. This popular parts washer includes safe, energy efficient heaters that are thermostatically controlled to help maximize the cleaning capability. Water based detergent + heat = clean parts. Another key component to this parts cleaner is the mechanical agitation. This means you can place your parts down into the basin, walk away to perform other tasks for a while, and then come on back to finish the job. The agitation will perform much of the work for you, so you're not scrubbing the parts for an hour. When used with our premium KT-600C detergent (optional), you get parts cleaning for the 21st century. Environmentally friendly, and with no hazardous by-products to dispose of. The less frequently you have to change out your detergent, the more money you save. It's that simple. This unit also includes a larger than average oversized sink basin to provide spacious room for cleaning larger automotive parts. The drain design prevents surface oils and grime from contaminating the solution, keeping it clean. Plus, there is a filter mounted to the pump as well, filtering out any particulates. Ultimately, what you have here is the safest, most effective cleaning solution on the market, keeping your technicians safe, because you're not using expensive solvents that are hazardous to touch or breath, and are also a fire hazard. When you move into aqueous parts washers, you are deciding on the future. There are no EPA permit requirements, and it emits not VOC's. It's all here!

Features and Specs



  • Corrosion resistant heavy-duty pump.
  • Heavy-duty roto-cast thermoplastic cleaning basin - large cleaning capacity.
  • Two removeable stainless steel shelves
  • Parts washer completely supported by heavy-duty stand
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter for added shock resistant safety
  • Filter system - prolongs fluid life
  • Replacement Filter cartridge P/N 62245
  • Soaking capacity up to 30 gallons
  • Spigot with fluid control valve
  • Designed for non-flammable water-based cleaning solutions
  • Heater thermostatically controlled-preset to 110 degrees
  • Spring loaded stainless steel lid closure with 'fire link'
  • Low level fluid sensor
  • Mechanical agitation - 15 spray heads with fluid control valve
  • Dual switches - heater and pump
  • Flow-thru brush with adjustable fluid control


CSA and NRTL/C approved
Shown with optional light
Model 4000-5 comes standard with oil skimmer
Tank Dimensions 26"W x 36"L x 18"D 
Overall Dimensions: 26"W x 45"L x 37.5"H 
Weight: 155 lbs.


More Information

More Information

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Honda Transmission Manufacturing in Russells Point, OH purchased the EM4000 for their factory. If it's good enough for them, it should be good enough for your shop. So did Mazda of America