KleenTec Auto Parts Washer Drum 8927

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KleenTec Model 8927 30 Gallon Polyethylene Drum  - OPTIONAL ACCESSORY
This is an optional accessory for the popular KleenTec R&D aqueous parts washer models - Ecomaster 235 and Ecomaster 1350-S. These are drum mount style parts cleaners. If you already have an appropriate size drum, you're all set. If you don't, you'll need one. Image shows the model 8927 drum with the EM230 parts washer on top of it. washer sink is sold separately.
Price of drum is when ships with washer. Call for price if sold separately. Detergent not included with drum.


Intended for use with water based detegent. If you purchase our KeenTec / Fountain industries EM230 drum mount parts cleaner, you're going to need a drum to mount it on. And what better drum than a poly drum that is durable enough to resist bumps, and if it does get bumped, it will bounce right back into shape. Plus, being plastic, it won't corrode. Drum does not include detergent.
Drum prices reflect price when purchasing together with auto parts washer. Please call us for pricing when purchased separately.
Drum does not include cleaning agent detergent or solvent.
Image shows Model 8927 Drum with KleenTec EM230 Parts Washer **NOT INCLUDED**



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