KleenTec Brake Washer EcoMaster 1435

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EcoMaster 1435 - Portable Aqueous Brake Washer 
Includes handy flo-thru brush allowing for quick and effective cleaning of brake parts and components.
Made in USA.
made in usa

These are made to order at the factory. There is currently a 3 week lead time for this product.


KleenTec Model EcoMaster 1435 Brake Washing unit.
Helps you avoid potential hazardous environment in your auto shop by using the OSHA preferred "wet-collection" method of cleaning off brake parts and components. You don't want to breath these hazardous particulates while cleaning off components and performing brake repairs. This effective unit comes with everything you need to clean brakes while reducing potential for exposure to dust. It is also much easier to dispose of contaminants when in a water based by product. Handy parts cleaning brush comes standard with unit. Best when used in conjunction with a water based (aqueous) cleaning detergent. We recommend our KT600C detergent, which is the best in the industry.

Features and Specs

FEATURES EcoMaster 1435

  • No need to use a clumsy, combersome or expensive enclosure over the wheel.
  • Technicians love the easy and quick design
  • Can be used while vehicle is on car hoist, or jack stands
  • fluid capacity = 8 - 12 gallons


Sink Length 24 in.
Width 20 in.
Depth 7 in.
Length 28 in.
Width 28 in.
Height 41 in.
Weight 50 lbs.