MotorVac Fuel System Detergent MV3

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MotorVac Detergent for Fuel System Cleaner CarbonClean MCS 245 and CarbonClean Dual.
Price when purchased with machine. Contact us for pricing when detergent is sold separately from machine.


Case of 12-8oz bottles. For use with the Motorvac CarbonClean Fuel system cleaners. Cleans the entire engine fuel system including  fuel injectors, combustion chamber, intakes, etc.. Even out to the catalytic converter even. Removes deposits and gum from system. Filter removes all these contaminants, particulates and deposits and holds them in it's very capable 10 micron filter. You could use other detergents, but none will work as effectively, and may cost you more because you'll probably need to use more to perform an equivalent cleaning job. Price is when purchasing with machine.

Features and Specs

MotorVac Detergents Clean From the Inside Out
  • Our CarbonClean detergents will loosen and dissolve the resin, gum and varnish that build up throughout an engine’s entire fuel system.
  • Our cleaning process starts from the air intake, all the way through to the exhaust system.
  • CarbonClean detergents use a proprietary formula that combines various elements to form a strong-yet-safe cleaner.
  • Our detergents do not contain methanol, isopropanol, hexanol, butanol or ethanol, all known to be corrosive in fuel.
  • CarbonClean detergents will not damage the engine components and can be used with confidence.


    More Information

    More Information
    more Why Clean the Fuel System and Combustion Chamber?
    • Fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers are adversely affected by the build up of un-burnt fuel and contaminants
    • These can affect the drivability and fuel economy of your customer’s vehicle
    The MotorVac Solution
    • CarbonClean MV3 detergent gently "steam cleans" internal engine components, eliminating soft carbon and other contaminants that harm engines and impede performance
    • Effectively cleans the fuel system and eliminates the build up of carbon in the combustion chamber
    • Contains no harmful alcohols such as methanol and hexanol which are known to damage seals

    MotorVac CarbonClean Detergents Brochure (.pdf)


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