MAHLE Exhaust Ventilation System EV-1

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MAHLE Model EV-1 Automotive Exhaust Ventilation System
Adds safety and professionalism to any auto shop. Keep your garage free of harmful exhaust fumes and prevent lawsuits and fines as well.
Made in USA
made in usa


Don't breath in harmful exhaust fumes!
The EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation System helps to improve shop safety by providing a clean and professional way to complete exhaust checks.

  • Highly portable, practical design
  • Simple operation
  • 110V 3/4 HP motor for high-flow positive pressure ventilation

This portable exhaust ventilation system offers an effective and affordable way to vent those nasty fumes out of your auto shop.
With this product, there's no need to pay for one of those expensive permanent mounted exhaust venting systems to the structure of your building. Just roll it into the service bay, hook up the hose to the car exhaust tail pipe, and you're ready to go to work. Also saves you money from having to let all the heat out of your garage on cold days. No need to open garage bay doors to vent. Pays for itself in no time.


Features and Specs


  • Portable roll around stand for use any auto shop or garage
  • Provides for a healthier and safe working environment - no more harmful fumes
  • Powerful electric motor (0.75 HP) allows for proper ventilation
  • 110 volt fan is resistant to corrosion resistant
  • Output hose is resistant to heat
  • Dual exhaust adapter is included, while the Hoses and nozzles for the dual exhaust pipes are sold separately
  • Height adjustment car is Spring loaded to allow quick and easy height adjustment
  • swiveling locking casters for ease of movement
  • For use with passenger cars and light trucks


Total Weight
Motor Weight
Electrical Outlet
A-Weighted Surface Noise
Working Temperature
Fuses (Qty=2)
40 in x 22 in x 22 in (102 cm x 56 cm x 56 cm)
73 lb (33 kg)
46 lb (21 kg)
110 VAC (0.75 HP)
40 ft (12 m) long; 5 in (12.7 cm) diameter
Minimum 6 Amp
Corrected LpA = 73 dB (A)
23° to 120°F (5° to 49°C)
10 Amp time delayed; 0.39 in x 1.49 in (10 mm x 38 mm)