MAHLE Oil Leak Detector ELF-3

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MAHLE model ELF-1 Automotive Leak Detector
Each machine comes equipped with a built in flow meter and pressure / vacuum gauge. Made in USA.
made in usa


How many times have you had a suspected a leak, butyour leak detection methods couldn't pinpoint it?
Never again will you miss a vacuum leak, EGR leak,intake leak, evap leak, oil leak, or coolant leak! Locate virtually any kind of leak quickly, easily, and best of all, save money by eliminating wasted time.
What makes the ELF-3 leak locator, leak finder so superior to other smoke machines? Very simple - every other smoke machine leak detector out there uses only 1-2 psi of pressure to test for leaks. This is quite often insufficient pressure to detect many leaks.The ELF-3 Leak Finder by RTI uses shop air, regulated to a max. of 8 psi. to literally blow a fog through the most difficult-to-detect leaks, while still remaining at a safe pressure.The ELF-1 Leak Finder is a lot more affordable as well, significantly less expensive than competing products on the market.It does not use a smoke, which could leave unwanted by-products in some systems, and can be hazardous in other systems. It uses a proprietary formula of oils to create a fog which leaves no unwanted residue and is not harmful to any systems.
Simply put, the ELF-1 Leak Finderis not your typical Smoke Machine.It is, without a doubt, the most important diagnostic tool you can add to your shop!

 RTI callaborated with major auto manufacturers to create a machine to specified standards and designed to be safe to be used with any automobile. It is the only automotive leak detector  that is approved by automakers and meets SAE International recommendations for safe fuel evaporative (EVA) testing.

Features and Specs


  • Locates leaks quickly in EVAP Systems, exhaust systems, wind / water, Intake or Induction, other vacuum systems
  • Smoke vapor ciontains an easy to locate fluorescent dye at the leak area
  • Package Includes a storage case, pressure/vacuum-decay gauge and control valve with test & variable smoke flow functions, and a built-in flow meter,
  • For use with shop air or bottled inert gas



Shipping Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Solution Max. Volume
Supply Pressure
Supply Volume
Operating Temp. Range
Maximum Relative Humitity

13" H x 12" L x12" W
24.5 lbs.
Durable plastic
12 VDC
15 amps
12 oz (355 ml)
13.0" H2O (0.032 bar)
12 liters per minute
45°F to140°F 
Up to 6,561 ft (2,000 M)   
80% for Temperatures up to 140°F (60°C)



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