Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter CM42

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The Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER® 42 Plasma System Eliminates the need to "buy up" to a larger unit by providing the ability to cut up to 1/2 inch material. Perfect for job sites, farm, agriculture, auto body shop, fleet, or light industrial use.
40 amp SL40 torch, 75 degree head with 15 ft. leads.


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster Plasma Cutters

Automotive shops that handle frame repairs and body work love this piece of equipment. So do muffler shops. But don't stop there. Any professional technician that needs to cut metals up to a maximum of 5/8".  This plasma cutter features the latest state-of-the-art inverter technology, which gives you superior cutting performance and increases cutting cycle compared with more out-dated transformer technology. Its pilot arc / drag torch system allows you to easily cut through rusted, painted or coated surfaces without any prior surface preparation. Plus you can even grate chain link fence or perforated steel surfaces without needing to restart the torch.
Plus, it's made by Thermal Dynamics - the best name in the business. The've been manufacturing welding and cutting equipment for decades under the brand names Thermadyne, Thermal Arc, Victor Stoody and Firepowerand Tweeco.

This model is one of the most affordable and highest quality plasma cutters that has 1/4" (6 mm) cutting capability on the market. It stands up to the most difficult environments and provides extremely reliable and precise cutting power.

Other advantages over competitors include:

Versatililty - Provides the versatility of two plasma cutters built into one solid machine. (120V & 230V capable)

Auto Pilot Restart - Delivers quick and easy cutting on metals of all kinds.

Small and Portable - Incorporates Vent2Shield* technology that allows the use of a considerably much smaller air compressor than typical, (meaning less weight to carry, plus can be used with 120V) compared to similar 40A units on the market today.

The Cutmaster 42 is one of the most affordable, highest quality 120V 1/4" (6 mm) plasma systems on the market. At 230V, the Cutmaster 42 delivers 40A, a recommended cut of 3/8Š. As part of the TRUE Series, you can rely on the Cutmaster 42 to cut all day at its recommended cutting capacity and to pack more punch when you need it. The Cutmaster 42 incorporates Vent2Shield ( V2S) technology allowing the use of a considerably smaller compressor (less weight to carry, can be used with 120V) compared to similar 40A units

Perfect for use in the following applications -
Agricultural Equipment 
Automotive Bodies 
Light Fabrication 
Repair and Maintenance

Features and Specs


Protective Interlock Circuit - Disables the power supply if the torch consumable parts are incorrectly assembled

SureLok Electrode - Eliminates tip wobble found in blow-apart torch designs resulting in a cleaner arc and a longer tip life

Reduced Heat Affected Zone for Quality Cut - Results in quicker fit up and better welds for the finished product


  • Operates on 110v or 220V current
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inverter technology
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass
  • Drag tip torch system
  • Long consumable life / low cost per cut
  • Auto pilot restart
  • Built-in adjustable air regulator
  • ATC torch quick connect
  • Automatic voltage selection
  • Three year warranty
  • Comes complete with - Thermal Dynamics SL40  Torch      
  • 75 degree 1Torch


Cut Capacity Max Output Input Duty Cycle Dimensions Air Requirements Cutting Speed
Mild Steel 
Recommended 1/4"
Maximum 5/8"
27a - 120V

40a - 230V

120-230 VAC
50/60 hz
40% @ 40 Amps Height: 9"
Width: 7"
Length: 18"
Weight 26 lbs
75 psi
4 cfm
3/8"  10 IPM
1/4"  20 IPM
1/8"  75 IPM
1/16"  240 IPM