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BelAire air compressors are ideal for commercial auto shops, garages and any non-automotive related application where premium quality and performance are demanded. Made is USA with a 2 year bumper to bumper warranty and over 250 service centers nationwide. Contact us today at 800-229-6218 or visit our web site at

We're here with Scott Barlow at the Belaire booth at SEMA Las Vegas 2016. Take it away Scott. Thanks Brian we're here in front of our 216V this is one of our more popular models. It's our smallest two stage compressor 60-gallon, two-stage, and the nice thing about this is because it's two-stage should still come from our two-year warranty on everything. That's parts and labor, belts and valves included. So you've got a great small compressor that can go to the home shop or to the professional shop. It's 230 volt single phase. You just connect power into the pressure switch. It comes with oil ready to go you. You need one at your house. And you got a big boy over here the 7-1/2 horse. Tell me what this comes with that the 216V doesn't. Well the 7-1/2 is a much larger pump. Say you've got a smaller, slower turning compressor pump, larger tank, 25 CFM vs. 16 CFM. Both have the two-year warranty on everything, belts and valves included. So this is a much larger, a more professional setup whereas this one could go to the home or to the shop. That’s a 2 year warranty, bumper to bumper.