Video: Bendpak Ranger DST 2420 Wheel Balancer: Delivery, unboxing, start-up

I purchased a BendPak Ranger DST2420 wheel balancer from ASEDeals to replace my BendPak 1500 that gave me twenty years of service. ASEDeals has a complete line of automotive service equipment at competitive prices. I bought my HD9XW and my tire changer machine from ASEDeals too. You can find them online at When you purchase a piece of equipment like this you have different shipping options. You can pick it up at the terminal if you have a pickup truck. You can have them deliver it in a tractor trailer. If access is an issue you need to select a place close to you. You can meet them. You still need a lift to get it off the truck. You can also have it sent by liftgate. So they’ll have a gate they can lower it down to the ground but you still need to pick it up and get to your house or your place of business. This machine is being delivered right now by FedEx. Let’s go meet them and take it off the tractor trailer. Here comes FedEx right now. So that’s what it looks like when it comes off the truck. Drag it back up to the house. It’s in one piece that’s good. Bring it in we’re going to stick it right there. There it is. We got it in. We got the accessories out of there. Now we’re going to move it into place. Ok so what I did is put a dolly under one side.