Video: Corghi Artiglio Master Tire Changer at

Check out the amazing Corghi Artiglio Master Tire changer. This truly touchless tire changer offers features you won't find on any other leverless automotive tire machine on the market. This machine will handle your most delicate allow rims and those difficult low profile tires as well as the stubborn run flat wheels. Made in Italy. You simply must check out this video to see why this unit is so superior. You can also check it out on our web site at or give us a call at 800-229-6218 As seen at SEMA automotive trade show in Las Vegas 2017.

He sets the valve stem at three o'clock because that's where your sensors at. Once he put the sensor right there. So puts it at three o'clock and once he does that it's gonna know where to put the sensor every time that it does a movement on the tire either dismounting or mounting. The laser comes out to take the actual measurement of the wheel because even though it says 19 it might not be exactly 19. Once it does that it puts all the controls into place and it stops. He takes a look and visualizes it and says okay and then he lets the machine continue. Once it continues it breaks to bead on the top its lubrication the tire. It has its own lubrication system then if you'll watch after it loosens the top bead it'll go to the bottom bead. You can watch it right there and you see where it's being lubricated on the bottom in order to loosen the bottom bead.