Video: ESCO Car Lifts & Air Bag Jacks with at SEMA 2016

We caught up with automotive shop equipment manufacturer ESCO at the SEMA show in Las Vegas 2016. Ryan from ESCO explains the finer details of some of their air bladder jacks, air bag jacks and portable car lift. You can view more about these products on our web site at or call us at 800-229-6218

Ok ASE here 2016 SEMA in Las Vegas Nevada and we're here with the ESCO booth with Ryan Stow he's got some cool bladder jacks to show us. Take it away Ryan. Alright so yes this is our popular line of bladder jacks we have made in Italy and right now we've got two different sizes. It comes in a three ton and a two ton. The great thing about the bladder jacks they're very lightweight easy to maneuver around. They don't take a lot of space in your shop or your truck or your van. The other thing that folks really like about it is you can lift a nice vehicle under an uneven surface you’ve got something other than pavement and rocks what not you can put with this jack up and it works really well. This one's a three bag goes up to about 19 inches and this one's a two bag. We've got different versions depending on your height requirements for what you’re working on. Perfect for out in the field you know situations where you don't necessarily have an even surface to deal with. Small, portable, iIt gets the job done, there’s very little that can go wrong with it.