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Industrial Gold Platinum series air compressors are packed with all the features you want in a premium quality air compressor, including belt guard after-cooler, low oil switch, mag starter, auto tank drain, vibration pads and much more. Made with industrial grade components for heavy use in commercial auto shops, garages, and many other non automotive applications. Contact us today at 860-6260-9633 or visit our web site at

Okay we're here with Billy Rattery of Industrial Gold air compressors at the SEMA Show in Vegas 2016. Go ahead Billy tell us about your great compressors. So the Platinum Series compressor comes with a couple of different features that most folks don’t offer. One of the first things you're gonna notice is the belt guard after cooler on the back of the compressor. What this does is reduce approximately eighty-five percent of the moisture that's in the air and drops it off in the tank. The next feature is an automatic tank drain mounted to the bottom of the tank when then relieves that moisture from the tank. From there we go to the front of the compressor pump. On the front of the compressor pump we're going to have a low oil monitor that's going to light up and let you know when the compressor is low on oil. We already have the mag starter mounted and wired on the compressor so the compressor gets in you just have to bring your power in, check rotation and the compressor is good to go from there.