ASEplatinum LR-26-PAD Low Rise Lift

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ASEplatinum LR-26-PAD Low Rise Scissor Pad Style Lift
6,000 LB Capacity - Provides for quick and easy lifting by the frame on padded runways.
This frame engaging low rise car lift is perfect for auto body shops, detailing shops, brake and wheel work, as well as the home garage. 


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Are you tired of shopping around and finding only high prices or cheap, inferior products? If you are, then you're like many other customers we've satisfied with the ASEplatinum Lifts. ASEplatinum lifts are an affordable alternative to the high priced manufacturers out there, yet are surprisingly high quality. They basically took all the best features that customers want, and combined them with attention to detail along with rock-bottom prices to win your business. You don't have to sacrifice quality for an affordable garage lift.

ASEplatinum has hit a homerun with this automotive lift. Great choice for brake repairs, tire and wheel changing and even new car preparation.
The lift raises to comfortable working height for most brake and tire work. Also helpful for body work and other detailing. Much quicker than raising cars up on jacks and jack stands. Safer as well. Raises the vehicle by the frame so the wheels are free. Four rubber lift blocks are also included that you can place on the lift pad surface to meet up with the auto frame contact points. Electric motor powers a hydarulic pump, with lines running to the lift structure hydraulic cylinder. This is as easy as it gets.

Features and Specs


  • Safety locks automatically engage
  • Low pad initial drive over height allows low profile cars to drive on without bottoming out.
  • Powerful motor raises the car to full lifting height in only 35 seconds. 
  • Lifting height 26" without lift blocks, 30 inches with rubber lift blocks
  • 2 sets of rubber riser blocks to get at difficult to reach vehicle frame jacking contact points. 
  • 1 year warranty from manufacturer 


Lifting capacity
Overall width
Overall length
Maximum height
Lifting speed
Width between runways
Runway width
Collapsed height
Shipping weight
6,000 lbs.
35 seconds
1HP/110 vac
1,012 lbs.

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More Information

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