ASEplatinum Motorcycle Tire Changer TC-400M-B

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ASEplatinum TC-400M-B Motorcycle Tire Changer
The TC-400M-B was designed specifically for motorcycle repair shops. Equipped with our unique motorcycle wheel clamps and a powerful square turntable to take the hassle out of wheel repairs


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Are you tired of shopping around and finding only high prices or cheap, inferior products? If you are, then you're like many other customers we've satisfied with our ASEplatinum automotive equipment. ASEplatinum tire changers are an affordable alternative to the high priced manufacturers out there, yet are surprisingly high quality. They basically took all the best features that customers want, and combined them with attention to detail along with rock-bottom prices to win your business. You don't have to sacrifice quality for an affordable product.

ASEplatinum has manufactured a great option for serious motorcycle repair shops who don't have the budtget to purchase one of those expensive high end machines, but still wish to perform a profitable service for their customers at a reasonable price. This motorcycle tire changer is a professional level machine that can handle a wide range of wheel diameter sizes with speed and ease. It is easy to use and your technicians will master it's functionality withing an hour. The informative owner / operators manual provides all the detail needed, but if you do need phone support, it is readily available. Comes with adjustable table clamps as well as powerful bead breaker blade that can handle most motorcycle tires

ASEplatinum offers a wide variety of garage equipment, but they are most notable for their lifts, followed closely by tire changers. This model is a perfect example of why they are rapidly growing into one of the fastest up-and-coming names in garage equipment. Over a decade of history tells us that they are ready for prime time. Professional auto shops have been using and abusing these tire machines for years and are raving about them. They offer professional features and quality along with a reliable time tested design, at an affordable price. If you're looking for a true commercial quality machine at a reasonable price, this is it. You can find cheaper models out there, but you won't find a better model at anywhere near this price.

Features and Specs


  • Swing arm tower swings out of the way to allow you to place wheel onto the turntable easily. 
  • Manual mount / demount machine with all standard features
  • Four pneumatic clamps grab onto the rim strongly without damaging it
  • Double acting cylinders for full functionality
  • Adjustable clamp seat to fit a wide range of rim diamters
  • Powerful bead breaker mounted to lower side of unit
  • Lubricator, water separator and air pressure regulator all come standard



Max Tire Diameter
Max Tire Width
Working Pressure
Bead Breaker
6" - 21"
7-10 bar
2500 kg


More Information

More Information

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