ASEplatinum Sliding Bridge Jack SJ-35

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Optional Sliding Bridge Jack, 3,500 LB Capacity
For use with any of the ASEplatinum home / hobbyist four post lifts.
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Sometimes you want more than just a plate of steel to go across the runways. Sure, those jack plates are fine for lot's of people. But they sure are more cumbersome and difficult to work with. For those customers looking for something a little bit more, we offer this sliding hydraulic bridge jack. It's not quite like a commercial quality air powered rolling bridge jack, but it's a huge step above the jack plate option. Safer too. No need to gather a couple of bottle jacks or scissor jacks and place them on the jack plate surface. Slides up and down the length of the runways. It has telescoping arms to engage the vehicle's frame, stackable height adapters, as well as rubber pads that touch the car's frame. You'll raise the car by the frame in an instant using the hydraulic pump. Now you can access the wheels for brake repairs and tire service while it's on the automotive lift.
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Features and Specs

Rests on the runways Can adjust to fit runways from 37.5" to 44" apart.
Arms can be adjusted from 34" out to 60" to reach vehicle frame jacking points.