ASEplatinum TC530 Tire Changer | WB953 Wheel Balancer Combo

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ASEplatinum TC530 Swing Arm Tire Changer w| WB953 Computer Wheel Balancer Combo
Swing Arm style machine engineered specifically for smaller shops on a budget.
You don't need to sacrifice quality to get a commercial machine that will hold up to daily use. Pair up this tire changer with the WB953 Computer Wheel Balancer, giving you professional auto shop performance in an affordable package. (Hood comes standard)


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Are you tired of shopping around and finding only high prices or cheap, inferior products? If you are, then you're like many other customers we've satisfied with our ASEplatinum line of  automotive equipment. ASEplatinum tire changers are an affordable alternative to the high priced manufacturers out there, yet are surprisingly high quality. They basically took all the best features that customers want, and combined them with attention to detail along with rock-bottom prices to win your business. You don't have to sacrifice quality for an affordable product.

This one is perfect for start-up shops to smaller volume tire shops. ASEplatinum provides commercial quality equipment that was meant for daily use. Yet, they are surprisingly affordable. Don't compare these to those "bargain" or "economy" tire machines out there. These were manufactured for every day use. This is a swing arm style model with the popular side mount bead breaker. All the standard features come on this machine, even though it's so affordable. Air inflation jets are built in to the clamping jaws for the turntable for rapid bead seating. It handles a wide variety of rim sizes, all the way down to 10" rim diameter, and up to 20 inches. Plus, parts are always readily available.

ASEplatinum line is a perfect example of why we are rapidly growing into one of the fastest up-and-coming names in garage equipment. Over a decade of history tells us that they are ready for prime time. Professional auto shops have been using and abusing these tire machines for years and are raving about them. They offer professional features and quality along with a reliable time tested design, at an affordable price. If you're looking for a true commercial quality machine at a reasonable price, this is it. You can find cheaper models out there, but you won't find a better model at anywhere near this price.

Features and Specs

TC530 Swing Arm Tire Changer Features

  • Swing arm style
  • Manual operation of mount / demount tool
  • Four pneumatic clamps and double acting cylinders
  • Side mounted bead breaker
  • Bead seating inflation jets are integrated in the clamping jaws insuring quick and safe inflation
  • Includes water separator, lubricator and air pressure regulator

TC530 Swing Arm Tire Changer Specifications

  • Max wheel diameter: 38"
  • Max wheel width: 3"- 12"
  • Rim diameter inside: 12"- 23"
  • Rim diameter outside: 10"- 20"
  • Working pressure: 8-10 bar
  • Power supply: 110 vac
  • Bead breaker: 2500 kg

WB953 Computer Wheel Balancer Features

  • User Friendly Operation - LED, touch-panel Keypad with easy to read icons assisting operators utilizing all balancing functions.
  • Large Rim Diameter Balancing - able to balance up to 24" Rim diameter & 39" overall Wheel Diameter.
  • Multi-Mode Vehicle Balancing - standard with Car & Motorcycle balancing modes.
  • Ease-Of-Use - with manual measurement input for distance & diameter with Static / Dynamic & 3 ALU modes.
  • Self-Calibrating & Self Diagnosis - for improved efficiency & serviceability.
  • Integrated Measurement Indicator - allows for ease of acquiring measurement data with a retractable, stylish measuring tool, integrated into the machine.
  • Multi-User Operation - allows two operators to work simultaneously with different settings.
  • Integrated Centering Spring - to assist with quick and proper wheel mounting on balancing shaft.
  • Electronic Braking System - conveniently slows wheel down after balancing cycle.
  • Heavy Duty Balancing Shaft - 36mm diameter balancing shaft accommodates wide range of wheels of different sizes and shapes.
  • Speed-Nut Mounting - the Speed-Nut allows for quick & efficient wheel mounting, easily securing the wheel to the spindle with convenient lead-in screw.
  • Multi Pocket Wheel Weight Shelf - 23 articulated pockets, over 1.5" deep, allowing plenty of storage weights, tooling & cones.
  • Large Wheel Hood - the large 38" hood / shroud prevents debris from flying off the tire while in use.
  • Storage Pegs - for convenient storing of balancer cones & caliper on side of housing.

WB953 Computer Wheel Balancer Specifications

  • Data Entry: Keypad
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 39"
  • Tire Width: 1.5" - 20"
  • Tire Diamater: 10" - 24"
  • Wheel Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Accuracy: 1 gram
  • Power: 110VAC / 15 Amp / 1 Ph
  • Ship Weight: 335 lbs.


More Information

More Information

TC530 Swing Arm Tire Changer Documentation

TC530 Tire Changer Brochure (.pdf)
TC530 Tire Changer Manual (.pdf)

WB953 Computer Wheel Balancer Documentation

WB953 Wheel Balancer Brochure (.pdf)
WB953 Wheel Balancer Manual (.pdf)