ASEplatinum Tire Changer TC-770-T

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ASEplatinum TC-700-T Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer
Perfectly suited for handling tires with tubeless rims or lock rings.
Optimal use for agricultural equipment, trucks and tractors.



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The ASEplatinum TC-770-T Tire Changer is a perfect piece of equipment for a truck shop or farm. It handles wheels for most trucks, tractors, agricultural equipment, even earth movers.  This tire changer features a four jaw rotating chuck with 2 speeds and a control unit on a portable stand. The rapid change mount / demount arm will assist with your time efficiency. 

ASEplatinum manufactures tire changers for almost every application. You can be confident when you purchase a ASEplatinum tire machine that you are getting a product that was made to last. We've been carrying their products for over ten years and our customers rave about them. They're always on sale here at ASE. Plus, parts are always available.

ASEplatinum offers a wide variety of garage equipment, but they are most notable for their lifts, followed closely by tire changers. This model is a perfect example of why they are rapidly growing into one of the fastest up-and-coming names in garage equipment. Over a decade of history tells us that they are ready for prime time. Professional auto shops have been using and abusing these tire machines for years and are raving about them. They offer professional features and quality along with a reliable time tested design, at an affordable price. If you're looking for a true commercial quality machine at a reasonable price, this is it. You can find cheaper models out there, but you won't find a better model at anywhere near this price.

Features and Specs

  • Four jaw rotating chuck 
  • with two speeds
  • Control unit on movable stand
  • Pressure regulated hydraulic pump
  • Quick change mount / demount arm
  • Handles wheels for most trucks, tractors and earth movers


  • Width overall: 64”
  • Height overall: 49”
  • Depth overall: 55”
  • Max wheel diameter: 64 1⁄2”
  • Rim / wheel width: 31 1⁄2”
  • Inside clamping: 14”- 26”
  • Center Hole Diameter Capability - 4.72" - 27.55"
  • Power supply: 1hp 220 vac
  • Shipping weight: 1,310 lbs.

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More Information

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