ASEplatinum Tire Changer TC950-WPA | Wheel Balancer WB953 Combo

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ASEplatinum Tire Changer TC950-WPA | Wheel Balancer WB953 Combo
TC950-WPA Tire Changer has a swing arm and is designed for higher performance with press arm and power to spare matched with the top performing and affordable ASEplatinum WB953 Spin Balancer this combination makes a perfect pair for any garage. Hood comes standard with the WB953 Wheel Balancer.


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Are you tired of shopping around and finding only high prices or cheap, inferior products? If you are, then you're like many other customers we've satisfied with our ASEplatinum automotive equipment. ASEplatinum wheel service equipment are an affordable alternative to the high priced manufacturers out there, yet are surprisingly high quality. They basically took all the best features that customers want, and combined them with attention to detail along with rock-bottom prices to win your business. You don't have to sacrifice quality for an affordable product.

The ASEplatinum TC950-WPA is a swing arm style machine and comes with heavy-duty rim clamp that can handle tires up to 47" and rim widths to 15" with ease.The ASEplatinum WB953 Wheel Balancer has all the features of the big guys including: self-calibrating, dynamic, static and alloy capability, and a speed nut.  The WB-953 spin balancer has a quick keypad data entry system that makes tire balancing fast and efficient.

ASEplatinum offers a wide variety of garage equipment, but they are most notable for their lifts, followed closely by tire changers. This combo is a perfect example of why they are rapidly growing into one of the fastest up-and-coming names in garage equipment. Over a decade of history tells us that they are ready for prime time. Professional auto shops have been using and abusing these machines for years and are raving about them. They offer professional features and quality along with a reliable time tested design, at an affordable price. If you're looking for a true commercial quality machine at a reasonable price, this is it. You can find cheaper models out there, but you won't find a better model at anywhere near this price.

Features and Specs

SPECIFICATIONS for WB953 Wheel Balancer

Cycle time
Method of data entry
Tire diameter
Tire width
Rim diameter
Wheel weight
Power requirements
6 seconds
2 - 20"
10 - 24"
150 lbs.
1 gram
110 vac


  • Self-calibrating 
  • Weight storage pockets 
  • Pegs for accessories 
  • 8" long shaft with 35 mm diameter 
  • Three auto STD centering cones 
  • ST, AL1, AL2,AL3, AL4 balancing methods 
  • Speed nut comes standard


Max wheel diameter
Max wheel width
Rim diameter inside
Rim diameter outside
Working pressure
Power supply
Bead breaker
3"- 15"
15"- 28"
14"- 24"
10 bar
1.5HP 110 vac
2500 kg


  • Swing arm design 
  • Handles tires to 47" and rim widths to 15" 
  • Four pneumatic clamps and double acting cylinders 
  • Side mounted bead breaker 
  • Press arm for low profile tires 
  • Bead seating inflation jets in clamping jaws 
  • No scratching; machine never contacts rim 
  • Lubricator, separator and air pressure regulator