BendPak Four Post Lift Approach Ramp Lock Kit

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BendPak 4 Post Approach Ramp Lock Kit (Set of 4)
For use with HD-9 and HD-7 Series Lifts with standard steel Approach Ramps


Drive-up ramp stop for the BendPak HD-9 and HD-7 Series four post lifts.
The BendPak standard steel approach ramps that come standard with the HD9 and HD7 series 4 post lifts are attached to the lift with a pin. This pin would act as a hinge when you raise the lift, so if you wish to park a car underneath the lift, you will need to remove the approach ramps by pulling the pin to get them off. If you don't remove the approach ramps when you raise the lift, the ramps will flop down and obstruct the overhead clearance for driving the auto underneath. If you want to park a car underneath, and you don't want to have to remove the approach ramps, get this approach ramp lock kit. This kit includes four pieces, that make the approach ramps stick straight out and remain horizontal when you raise the lift. Vital if you are using the lift frequently, and removing the approach ramps repeatedly would be a hassle and an inconvenience. Please note, your approach ramps may not rest exactly even with the runway height. They will hang slightly lower - perhaps up to 2 inches lower. So if your automobile stands to within 2 inches of the underside of the runways on the lift when it's at it's top locking position, the ramps might hang low enough to hit the car below. We strongly recommend that if you are close, you measure twice just to be certain it will fit. 
This kit contains a four piece set of cut steel shapes that will be mounted under the approach ramps, using the same pin that the approach ramps use. If you want to speed up use of your BendPak four post lift, this is a great start, and a very popular accessory.