2 Post Lifts

We have 2 post lifts that can accommodate 7,000 to 18,000 lbs. loading capacity. We have clear floor and floor plate models, as well as symmetric and asymmetric 2 post car lifts. Customers choose this style of service lift most because they are economical and give access to every component of a vehicle. We carry full range of auto shop equipment here at ASEDeals, from vehicle lifts, to tools. And with over 500 service centers nationwide, we can get your Challenger, Forward, Quality, Tuxedo, Ideal, Dannmar or BendPak lift delivered, installed and serviced in short order.

And don't forget, we sell, service and install nationwide!

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  • BendPak XPR-10AS-LP Two Post Lift

    BendPak 2 Post Automotive Lift XPR-10AS-LP

    BendPak XPR-10AS-LP Two Post Auto Hoist | Dual Width, Low Profile Arms, Asymmetric  The BendPak XPR-10AS-LP offers all of the same great features you've come to know and love with ...



  • BendPak XPR-10AS Two Post Lift 10,000 lb Capacity Asymmetric

    BendPak XPR-10AS Two Post Auto Lift

    BendPak XPR-10AS Dual-Width,10,000 Lb. Capacity, Two-Post Lift, Asymmetric The XPR-10AS 2-post lift features the superior direct-drive design with rotated columns to allow you to open ...



  • BendPak XPR-10S-LP Two Post Lift  Low Profile Arms

    BendPak 2-Post Car Hoist XPR-10S-LP

    XPR-10S-LP Low-Pro Arms, Dual-Width, 10,000 Lb. Capacity, Two-Post Lift, Symmetric The BendPak XPR-10S-LP offers exceptional direct-drive lifting performance with an important added benefit. The "LP" ...



  • BendPak XPR-10S Two Post Car Hoist

    BendPak Two‐Post Car Lift XPR-10S

    BendPak XPR-10S 10,000‐Lb. Capacity Two‐Post Lift - Symmetric, Clearfloor The BendPak XPR-10S 2 post car lift offers the most popular features in a 10,000 lb. capacity symmetric ...



  • Challenger Lifts CLFP9 Symmetric Low Ceiling Vehicle Lift

    Challenger Lifts CLFP9 Low Ceiling Vehicle Lift

    Challenger Lifts CLFP9 Floorplate, Low Ceiling, Symmetric Two Post Vehicle Lift  The CLFP9 2 post lift is designed for car enthusiasts and servicemen alike. Its size makes it compatible for home ...



  • Quality Lifts QFP09 Two Post Lift

    Quality Lifts QFP09 Two Post Low Ceiling Lift

    Quality Lifts QFP09 Low Ceiling Two Post Lift 9,000 lb. Capacity  QFP09 9,000 lb. two post lift is perfect for home enthusiasts as well as professional vehicle service shops with low ceiling height ...



  • Forward Lift DP10A Two Post Lift

    Forward Lift DP10A Two Post Lift

    Forward Lift DP10A Light Duty Two Post Lift 10,000 lbs. Capacity | Standard Height 144" The DP10A is a two post surface mounted lift, featuring arm designs allowing vehicles to be raised ...



  • TLT210-XT Two Post Auto Lift

    Launch Tech USA 2 Post Auto Lift TLT210-XT

    Launch Tech USA TLT210-XT 10,000 lb Clear Floor Asymmetric 2 Post Lift Direct Drive, Multi Purpose full asymmetric lift that is height and width adjustable Set it up wide or narrow. Set it up taller or ...



  • Forward Lift BP9 2-Post Car Lift

    Forward Lift BP9 Two Post Lift

    Forward Lift BP9 Two Post Lift | Symmetric Arms | Chain Driven | 9,000 lbs. Capacity Built to last and engineered to perform the Forward BP9 is the ideal 2-post lift, especially if garage ceiling height ...



  • Forward Lift I10 Two Post Car Lift

    Forward Lift I10 Two Post Lift

    Forward Lift I10 Two Post Lift 10,000 lbs. Capacity | Symmetric Columns | Direct Pull | Clear Floor  Forward Lifts' I10 with it's low profile arms and oversized pads with multiple extensions allows ...



  • Challenger Lifts TR-07 Turf Rail

    Challenger Lifts TR-07 Turf Rail

    Challenger Lifts TR-07 Turf Rail For use with Challenger Lifts Models CL10, CL12, CLFP9, E12, LE10 and SA10 Series Two Post Lifts Price shown is when shipped with a lift. Please contact us for pricing ...



  • Atlas Platinum PVL-10 ALI Certified Two Post Lift

    Atlas Platinum PVL-10 ALI Certified Two Post Lift

    Atlas Platinum PVL-10 ALI Certified 10,000 Lbs. Capacity Two Post Lift The ALI Certified Atlas Platinum PVL10 was engineered and built to offer a commercial grade above ground lift to those ...



  • Challenger SA10 Two Post Lift - Installed in asymmetric application.

    Challenger Lifts SA10 Two Post Vehicle Lift

    Challenger Lifts SA10 Symmetric/Asymmetric Two Post Car Lift / 10,000 lb. Capacity Challenger Lifts' SA10 features the ability to be configured in either the symmetric or asymmetric position dependant ...



  • Quality Lifts Q10 Vehicle Lift

    Quality Lifts Q10 Heavy Duty Vehicle Lift

    Quality Lifts Q10 10,000 lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Two Post Lift  The Q10 2-post lift features 3-stage front arms which provide the ability to lift both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the ...



  • BendPak GrandPrix GP-7 Two Post Car Lifts

    BendPak GrandPrix GP-7 Space-Saving Two-Post Lift

    GrandPrix GP-7 Two Post Lift Designed for Narrow Bays and Low Ceilings | 7,000 lb Capacity  **NEW** The GrandPrix™ is a 7,000-lb. capacity two-post car lift unlike any other. Boasting ...



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The Popular 2 Post Lift 

Two post lifts are the most popular style of above ground lift because they allow you to access virtually every part of the auto quickly and easily. These 2-post car lifts make it easy to get to every component of your vehicle, this type of service lift is one of our most popular. In fact, we're confident to state that the two post surface mounted lift is the most popular type of hoist for the professional auto garage and fleet service bays. No other type of lift is as versatile and affordable, yet, they are relatively easy to install. 

We carry the best selection of 2 post auto lifts from premium manufacturers

Choose from Bend Pak, Challenger, Quality, Forward, Dannmar, Ideal, Tuxedo and ASEplatinum. Nobody offers a greater choice of top brands. No cheap knock-off's. In fact, most models we carry are ALI Certified.

Expect all BendPak two post car lifts to come with the following: 

    • Dual Hydraulic Cylinders - provides safe dependable operation of lift
    • Space Age Technology - uses eight slider blocks made from ultra-high molecular weight UHMW polyethylene 
    • Automatic Arm Restraints - automatically engages each time the lift is raised 
    • Free Truck & Van Adapters - protects vehicle undercoating and minimizes damage to pinch welds and uni-body construction 
    • Ultimate Safety - with safety locks in each column 
    • Added Overhead Safety - through a rigid, padded safety shut-off bar 
    • Safety Instructions - with detailed lift installation info

Check out our informative video selection below -

Video: ASEDeals Since 1996

Video: BendPak XPR-10AS-LP from ASEDeals

Video: Tommy's Garage - TP9KAC Two Post Car Lift

Video: BendPak 2 Post Lift Installation

Video: LaunchTech USA TLT210-XT 2 post Automotive Lift


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