iDEAL RS-3001-EHS-30KW-3PH Electric Paint Booth Heating System

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iDEAL RS-3001-EHS-30KW-3PH Electric Paint Booth Heating System

For use with iDEAL Side Down Draft, Semi Down Draft, and Cross Flow Paint Spray Booths.


iDEALThe RS-3001 Electric Air Make Up unit is a combination electric heater and waterborne paint drying system. The system operates by pulling air from the booth through the blower and the heater delivering the heated air back into the booth via gable mounted air nozzles. The RS-3001 has four easily selected user: Pre-Heat, Spray, Heat Flash-Off, Bake.

The RS-3001 electric paint booth heater is less expensive to install and operate than our RS-1001 gas fired paint booth heater. A typical 30KW electric paint booth heater costs on average $2.00 per cycle (using $0.12 / KWH) which is significantly less than a similar gas fired paint booth heater while providing 45F - 50F degree temperature increase in approximately 50 minutes. This increase allows the booth to reach the desired flash off temperature for waterborne finishes and to reach a temperature high enough to bake the finish coat.

The RS-3001 can be used on our Side Down Draft, Semi Down Draft and the Cross Flow paint booths.

Features and Specs

  • Easy to Operate
  • Energy Efficiant Heating
  • Control Panel Included
  • Select Modes: Pre-Heat, Flash-Off, Spray, and Bake
  • Temperature Rise: 30F in 10 Minutes / 50F in 50 Minutes
  • Single Point Connection with Umbilical Cord
  • Intake Filter & Duct Package Included
  • 2HP Blower Motor
  • 30KW Electric Heater
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Blower Motor: 2HP / 208VAC or 230VAC / 6.3A @208V 3Ph
  • Heating Element: 30KW / 208VAC or 230VAC / 85A @ 208V
  • Temperature Rise: 30F in 10 Minutes / 50F in 45 Minutes
  • Control Panel: 0.5A @ 110V


More Information

More Information

iDEAL Paint Booth Heaters Brochure (.pdf)

iDEAL RS-3001-EHS-30KW Electric Paint Booth Heating System Manual (.pdf)

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