KleenTec Solvent Parts Washer Degreasol 99R 5 GAL

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Degreasol 99R | 5 Gallon Pail
This is a high end solvent that cleans much better than others and avoids hazardous waste problems associated with other cleaning agents.
Convenient small 5 gallon pail size for smaller machines. (Model 193523)


This is a nonhazardous cold cleaning solvent that allows you to you avoid hazardous waste problems. Because it has a high 141 degree flashpoint, it is not as flammable as many other cheaper detergents. KleenTec says it actually doesn't contain any ingredients that are characterized as hazardous by the EPA's RCRA act. It is created with a blend of sulphur free hydrocarbon agents, detergents and wetting agents. It cleans so much more effectively than most solvents, and yet does so while being safer for the user to touch and breath near. It doesn't need rinsing and it doesn't leave any annoying residue. Once the parts have been cleaned, you are ready to roll. Also complies to the State of California's Rule 66, so you know it's safe. Plus, it won't break down or deteriorate, so it can be used indefinitely. So we recommend adding a filtration system to your parts washer, which will extend your detergent's life dramatically