MAHLE Nitrogen Purity Tester

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355 80022 00
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MAHLE NitroPro Nitrogen Purity Tester Model 355 80022 00
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Mahle Model 355 80022 00  NitroPro Nitrogen Purity Tester. Important accessory for any nitrogen producing source, not just the Mahle NitroPro. If you're selling the benefits of nitrogen to your customer, you had better make sure that the machine is actually providing pure nitrogen, and not just a mixture. If the customer starts riding around on his new nitrogen filled tires, and starts to realize he isn't seeing the benefits, you will lose credibility as the shop owner. Don't lose credibility with your clients. Make sure your machine is pumping out pure nitrogen. This tester is highly accurate and is quick and easy to use. You'll also be able to show the results to your customer, to confirm for them that this is a legitimate transaction.

  • Tests nitrogen tank purity accurately and fast.
  • Hand-held device is dependable and convenient.
  • Quickly and accurately tests tire purity
  • Illustrates for customers with a professional display, validating your service



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