SOLAR Jump Starter 4001

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Solar 4001 Commercial Jump Starter 12/24 Volt
Unlike the 2001, 3001 and HT1224 models; the 4001 model comes "batteries not included"  saving you MONEY by installing your own.


Solar 12/24 Volt Commercial Jump Starter | Model 4001

The SOLAR jump starter 4001 model is  versatile in a variety of appications and provides countless, countinous jumps.  Perfect for auto dealerships, auction houses, large fleet operations, farm & agricultural use, construction and a variety of locations where heavy duty commercial jump starting is needed.

The Solar 4001 houses two user-installed batteries (up to Group 31 size) to distribute its jump starting power.  It features 10-foot 1/0 jumper cable leads, which allows simple and easy access to the starting points on vehicles of a variety of shapes and sizes. The 4001 SOLAR jump starter also has an enhanced, automatic charging system that facilitates easy charging and maintenance of the installed batteries when not in use.

The charging system can be used to boost disabled 12V and 24V vehicles of all sizes.  It's automatic charging system can accomodate the installation of either flooded or AGM batteries.

Exclusive "Voltage Spike Protection" and "Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection" safety features, along with it's remote start switch, offers the ultimate in operator and vehichle safety.   To avoid expensive damage from starting errors this unit only powers the output lead when you've made the connections properly.

Added advantage - this unit features extra long and detachable 10' leads, heavy-duty clamps to permeate battery corrosion and can move smoothy and easily over all surfaces thanks to its large pneumatic wheels.

Plus, it's made by SOLAR -
Solar battery chargers and testers are a leading brand designed for automotive service professionals for use in commercial auto shops as well as home and recreational use.  Nothing but the best for your auto shop.

Features and Specs


  • 12 and 24 Volt capabilities
  • Accommodates two user-intalled batteries (up to Group 31)
  • Charges flooded and AGM batteries
  • Voltage Spike Protection
  • Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Timer and off switch, plus detachable output cables, for optimal safety


  • Cranking Amps : Based on User-Installed Battery
  • Operationg Voltage: 12/24V
  • Charging Mode : Automatic
  • Battery Types Supported : Flooded, AGM
  • Display Type : LED Lights plus Digital Voltmeter
  • Battery Capacity : 2 x Group 31 (330x170x240mm)
  • Charger Input Power : 120VAC-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output Cable Gauge : 1/0
  • Output Cable Length : 10 ft.