BendPak Mobile High-Lift Jack Stand MLS-18

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BendPak MLS-18 Jack Stand | 18,000-lb Capacity | Mobile High Jack Stand 
The MLS-18 jack stand gives you the support you need, on the projects that need it most. With an 18,000-lb. capacity for each stand you’ll never find a project too big for these heavy-duty jack stands to handle.


High-Reach Support with High Capacity Attitude

The MLS-18 is a mobile high-reach jack stand that's made for the extra support of any vehicle lifted on a two-post lift. With a tripod construction, and an 18,000-lb. weight capacity, no matter how large the project, the MLS-18 can get the job done right.

Along with its hefty weight capacity, the versatility of the MLS-18 lies in its adjustable height and easy maneuverability and placement. The tripod design allows for an adjustable height which ranges from 48.75” to 74.5”, so you can reach support points over 6-feet in the air. Each height adjustment is made easy with a one inch diameter self-locking ACME screw, which allows for multiple height adjustment settings. Whether you’re lifting full-size commercial-grade vehicles, or your own personal project on a two-post lift, the MLS-18 jack stand will stabilize your center of balance and take the worry off your shoulders.

Working reliably together these jack stands are over-designed to be the most versatile jack stand in your shop. Made to work in tandem with several support stands placed under designated lifting points, each MLS-18 is highly mobile. With a tripod design, foldaway transport handle and 3” diameter wheels, you can pack them up or roll them over to reach even your most difficult lifting points with ease.

Features and Specs


  • 18,000-lb. max rated capacity
  • Tripod design evenly distributes weight under load
  • Each leg is equipped with an 11 sq. in. floor pad
  • Can be easily moved and placed under a vehicle by means of two 3" diameter wheels
  • Equipped with a foldaway transport handle
  • Center tube is spring-assisted to facilitate adjustment of the stand
  • Adjustable from 48.75" to 74.5"
  • 9 pin positions
  • 1" diameter self-locking ACME screw for fine adjustment of the stand height


  • Minimum height: 54" / 1,372 mm
  • Maximum height: 78" / 1,981 mm
  • Number of pin positions: 10
  • Screw fine adjustment: 6" / 152 mm
  • Stroke: 26" / 660 mm
  • Base diameter: 32" / 813 mm
  • Wheels / Diameter: 5" / 127
  • Top Pad Diameter: 7-1/4" / 184 mm
  • Stand capacity: 16,000 lbs. / 7,256 kg