What To Look For When Purchasing Air Compressors:

Types, Features, And Applications Of Air Compressors

Air compressors are a vital piece of automotive service equipment in any home or commercial
garage. However, many people often overlook their importance because air compressors don't
do much on their own. However, this automotive service equipment powers most of the tools in a
shop and keeps everything running smoothly. Before choosing a compressor to power your
shop, be sure to take note of the features you require when researching some of the top
brands. At ASE Deals, we have an expansive inventory of air compressors from leading brands
to fit every application.

Types & Features Of Air Compressors

There are several different types of air compressors, and when you consider the large number
of features available, your choices are almost unlimited. Here are some of the types and
features you have to choose from:

Electric Air Compressors -- Like most other electric automotive equipment, electric air
compressors are lighter, portable, smaller, and only need an outlet to run. You'll find that they're
easy on your budget and take up very little space. However, it's important to note that electric
air compressors aren't as powerful or have the capacity that its gas-powered counterparts do.

Reciprocating Air Compressors -- Air compressors that run on pistons and cylinders to
compress the air are known as reciprocating air compressors. This form of positive
displacement gives a solid supply of high-pressure air to run almost any kind of equipment
attached to it. For the ultimate in efficiency, low noise level, and minimal water contamination,
look for systems with three cylinders like our top of the line BendPak air compressors.

Rotary Air Compressors -- Using another form of positive displacement, rotary air
compressors use two rotors inside the main casing instead of valves. Also called a spiral lobe oil
flooded screw air compressor or single stage helical, this type of automotive service equipment
is known for its internal cooling, which ensures that the entire system maintains a good
operating temperature.

Centrifugal Air Compressors -- Automotive service equipment that uses a rotating impeller to
create energy is known as centrifugal air compressors. These systems use impellers spinning
on angles at high speeds to charge and pressurize the air. Called dynamic displacement, this
type of system is able to produce a constant flow of high-pressured air to fill large tanks and
make big jobs easier.

Use & Application Of Different Types Of Air Compressors

The type of job you're doing as well as the equipment you'll be using will greatly determine the
type of automotive service equipment that you use.

Electric air compressors are great for a home garage or a commercial shop that doesn't require
large amounts of air to function. These automotive service equipment items and their level of
portability make them easy to use while maintaining the quality of the unit. These cannot take
the place of bigger, industrial sized models, but they are more than powerful enough for using
standard air tools such as paint sprayers, nailers, and many others.

You'll find commercial air compressors are bigger, heavier, and more difficult to move around,
but they do come on wheels similar to a dolly to make them portable. This style of automotive
service equipment is a favorite choice for big jobs because of the constant supply of pressured
air and full tank that lets you conquer a job of almost any size. You'll find that these systems
come in two different versions: A single stage model is extremely affordable. A dual stage model,
however, runs on a lower RPM and has an improved cooling system, which minimizes the
amount of moisture that builds and contaminates your air tank as well as your tools.

Industrial air compressors are almost identical to commercial versions except that they are far
larger. These machines are made even better by their low maintenance systems and ability to
run other CNC automotive service equipment.

Best Air Compressor Brands

When choosing the best air compressors, keep an eye on what each manufacturer offers as
well as the types being offered. Warranty is a significant consideration. BendPak air
have a limited five-year warranty regardless which model you choose.

Next, you want to look into the actual construction of the automotive service equipment.
BendPak air compressors have an additional cylinder over and above the usual two. This
ensures that the automotive service equipment runs as efficiently as possible regardless of the
load it's under. This type of system also cools more efficiently because it uses 360 degree
cooling with additional lubricant. This means your equipment will run like new far longer than any
other model. Finally, make certain that all automotive service equipment that you buy is ASME
approved for the ultimate in security and quality.

The best automotive service equipment, including BendPak air compressors, will have a cast
iron pump and a special W-3 construction to further improve the cooling abilities of the system
and minimize maintenance. On the outside, you want to look for durable cast iron and
heavy-duty disc valves to ensure you get the best possible airflow, a longer life, more
horsepower, and a minimum amount of downtime.

With so many choices available, it is important to fully understand the final application of the
compressor as well as the features you seek. Regardless of your air compressor needs, ASE
Deals can help you determine the best quality unit at a competitive price.

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BendPak 2 And 4 Post Auto Lifts - Ferrari

"It's OK to post these pictures to the website. I just wired all the lifts up this weekend and they are fully functional now. The installers you provided did a great job. The lifts are very well built and obviously made to last. You set us up right. Thanks a lot."
John Ferrari
Ocean City, MD

This customer purchased 3 lifts from us for his garage, mostly for servicing his considerable fleet of automobiles and trucks. He purchased the BendPak XPR-12 FD two post lift, which is the floor plate model with an open top (12,000 lb. capacity). He also got a BendPak XPR-10A-LP 2 post lift (10,000 lb. capacity) with low profile arms to reach far under low ground clearance sports cars. This is the asymmetric hoist, with the added capability of positioning the auto symmetric if necessary. Finally, the HDS-14X four post lift, which is a 14,000 lb. capacity rack. This hoist is not only great for cars, but because it's the extra long model, it's also ideal for those super long crew cab, long bed dual rear wheel trucks, that are typically too long for all those standard length four post lifts that you'll find out there. When you need to outfit your auto shop with multiple lifts, and you need to have them installed professionally, give us a call, and we will hook you up.

John Ferrari


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