Buyer's Guide for Car Lifts, Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts & Motorcycle Lifts:

How To Choose The Proper Car, Auto, Truck,
Or Motorcycle Lift For Your Application

Whether you're an avid DIYer working in your own garage, or in a commercial shop, automotive lifts are a vital
piece of equipment. With the many different styles of car lifts, truck lifts, and motorcycle lifts, you can fix
anything on wheels, but you'll want to choose wisely. Each style is designed for a specific type of vehicle or
job, and if you don't keep this in mind, you can do a lot of damage to yourself and the vehicle.

Before choosing which type of car hoist is best for you, take time to learn what's available. This will ensure
that you get the perfect type of hoist for the job. While we carry several different manufacturers, our BendPak Car Lifts are the finest, and with their huge selection, they're sure to have one suitable for whatever job you'll be facing. At ASE Deals, we offer a wide variety of automotive lifts to meet even the most challenging repair needs.

A Look At The Many Car Lifts Available
The type of repairs you'll be making and the kind of vehicles you work on will ultimately determine which of

the available lifts you'll need. However, you'll also want to consider where you'll be using this equipment, how much space you'll have, and how frequently you'll be using the lift.

Here are a few of the different car, truck lifts and motorcycle lifts available:

• ​Two Post Lifts - From premium manufacturers like BendPak, Challenger, MAHA, Forward, Dannmar and more. Choose from clear floor and floor plate models up to 18,000 lbs capacity.
• Four Post Car Lifts and truck lifts -- BendPak Car Lifts has a number of hydraulic car and truck lifts available. These
use a pump to compress and force a special fluid through cylinders, which gives the lift power and added

• Car Parking Lifts - suitable for storing one automobile over another. There are many different styles available
• In-Ground or Pit Automotive Lifts -- Generally hydraulic or electric/hydraulic powered, these lifts can either be flush mounted into the floor or sit on it's surface to provide you with a time and space saving option. They also handle a large amount of weight and give you the convenience of driving on and off the lift.
• Portable Automotive Lifts -- If you travel to auto or trade shows, you'll find these portable versions easy to move, set up, and hassle-free. The're also great for shops that want to keep bays free from clutter when needed. They're also popular with the home / hobbyist crowd.
• Air Powered Lifts -- Generally found in the smaller models such as motorcycle lifts and utility vehicle lifts, these motorcycle / ATV lifts use basic air pressure from a compressor to raise and lower the platform.

Evaluate Features Of Car Lifts, Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts & Motorcycle Lifts

Each type of automotive lift comes in a number of different configurations and with a number of features. And, it's these features that make all the difference between BendPak Car Lifts and its competitors. Match the features of these automotive lifts to your needs, and you'll discover just how easy repairs and maintenance can be.

Here are a few to consider:

Two Post Lifts -- Many Clearfloor models have a direct-drive design, which relies on the hydraulic cylinders for lift action rather than chains and cables that wear out frequently. This saves you money and time on repairs while improving safety. XPR models have larger equalizer cable pulleys, superior arm restraints, and a sturdier design to ensure everything lasts longer and stays safer. The triple telescoping front arms make it possible to work on wider vehicles by allowing you to reach the jacking points easily. BendPack lifts also offers symmetrical models, which center the vehicle's reach between two opposing posts and are ideal for rear end heavy vehicles, as well as asymmetrical models, which sets the auto further back and give you greater ability to open the doors wider when entering or exiting the vehicle.
BendPak XPR-10A Two Post Lift

Four Post Lifts -- These commercial quality truck lifts will make any commercial auto shop, hobbyist or DIYer happy. The HD9, 9,000 lb series lift rivals it's 12,000 lb commercial counterpart and features dual safeties, including a slack cable safety system, as well as a superior mechanical ladder safety system and are ALI certified. You'll find the ladder safety system is particularly convenient if you're working on an uneven floor, since you can level the lift in seconds.
BendPak HDS-14X 4 Post Lift
Scissor Lifts -- Although not intended for long-term storage, scissor lifts give you plenty of space to work regardless of the type of vehicles or repair. BendPack Lifts give you a maximum lift of more than 69" and are suitable for most low profile vehicles. There are several options in this category ranging from low rise to full rise models.
BendPak SP-7X automotive scissor lift

 Alignment Lifts - These can be a sub-set of 4 post lifts and scissor lifts. Featuring radius turn-plates on the front, and full floating slip plates in the rear, these lifts have what you need integrated into the rack's runways to perform accurate and professional wheel alignments. If you want to become a serious garage, and add a very lucrative revenue stream, offering alignments can certainly add to your bottom line.
HD9AE Alignment Lift Turn-Plates

Low Rise Car Lifts -- Portable low-rise lift styles are ideal in a small shop since you can set them up and store them away quickly and easily. These electric/hydraulic car lifts can handle up to 6,000 lbs with ease and their dropped cross bar gives you added clearance and space to work. There's no more trying to fit tools in between the vehicle and the lift, and no more banging your hands on the lift!
BendPak LR-60P Low Rise Car Lift
• In Ground & Pit Lifts -- With their quick hydraulic / electric 6,000 lb lifting capacity, low profile, and open center design, pit car lifts from Bend Pak Lifts are ideal for quick lube shops. You'll find that they are extremely affordable despite their superior quality and ease of use. Simply drive on, get the job done, drive off, and move on to the next job. 
P6 Pit Lift Installed

Parking or Storage lifts - BendPak Car Lifts offer several main styles for vehicle storage as well. These parking lift styles are stable, durable, and most importantly, secure. If you need automotive lifts that will take the weight and stand up to the prolonged strain, here are two choices:
BendPak PL7000X car storage lift

• Single Post Automotive Lifts -- A sub-category of Parking lifts. Mounted, single-arm platform lifts are ideal for cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and almost anything else you can park on it. They're available in standard and
extended rise with removable center panels ensure you get the most out of the space you have available.
Flip-up ramps create secure wheel chocks, and there are several addition safety features as well. The wider,
low profile deck and heavy-duty construction will keep even the widest vehicles safe.
• Two Post Automotive Lifts -- Made with a wider platform and available in standard or extended rise,

these two-post storage lifts from BendPak will work almost anywhere there is a solid concrete floor. The dual synchronization keeps it the deck level and auto safety locks keep it in place. It's maintenance-free composite carriage bearings and self-lubricating chain rollers mean that looking after these heavy-duty lifts is a breeze.

Specialty Lifts - There are also a number of Specialty automotive lifts, car lifts, and motorcycle lifts available for special vehicles and jobs that don't fit into any specific category:

• Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Truck Lifts -- This style can lift 72,000 lbs in under a minute thanks to its superior strength and quality. This style also features additional stabilization features, security, and locking systems.
• Lawn Maintenance & Utility Vehicle Lifts -- Special ATV and turf equipment lifts bring these smaller vehicles up to a convenient height while leaving the center open for undercarriage repairs. You'll also notice that the turf models provide extra room at the front to make changing heads a breeze.
BendPak PCL-18 Portable Column Lift
Motorcycle Lifts -- Available in several different styles, you'll find these motorcycle lifts in a variety of electric / hydraulics, air, and manual power driven models. These motorcycle lifts are extremely portable and easy to store. Choose from a platform or open jack styles.
Ranger RML1500XL Motorcycle Lift

BendPak Lifts numerous automotive lifts, car lifts, truck lifts, and motorcycle lifts have resulted in thousands

of satisfied customers during our 18 years in business. View our customer testimonials for Two Post Car Lifts and Four Posts automotive lifts to find out what they had to say and see pictures of our lifts in action. 
And please call us with any questions at 800-229-6218. Our expert staff will set you up with the model that's right for you. Unlike many other distributors, we're not just order-takers, we're seasoned professionals who know what questions to ask to fit you with the right model for your application.

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Parking Lift

"Just got the PLT-6S parking lift up and running. One word - Awesome! Attached is a picture from my garage. Thank you."

The PLT-6S BendPak Lift is a unique solution to an age old problem. It is the perfect parking lift for people who don't have a lot of garage space at their disposal. It occupies the least amount of space of all storage lift models. It has various locking positions and platform settings to maximize your ability to fit under low ceilings or other overhead obstructions like garage door openers. If you've got a car storage problem, Bend Pack has got a solution.

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Worthington, OH


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