Omega Hydraulic Engine Hoist 2-Ton 44020

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Omega 2 Ton Engine Crane Model 44020
Featuring a special 8 Ton hydraulic hydraulic long ram with a patented safety overload by-pass mechanism built in to assure safety and longevity.


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Omega takes no short-cuts when manufacturing their products. This premium engine crane is constructed of heavy duty reinforced tubular steel for maximum durability. Don't worry. Your mechanics can use it and abuse it. It will hold up longer than they will. The release valve is metered for precise and controlled lowering. No more sudden dropping of the engine or load. You have copmplete conrol of the rate of release. Smooth rolling caster wheels glide effortlessly across concrete shop floors.

Features and Specs


  • Heavy duty welded reinforced tubular steel construction
  • Metered safety overload control release valve 
  • Premium 8 Ton hydraulic long ram for ultimate reliability


Base Length - 62.5" min / 89.5" max
Rear Base Width - 34.6" - 53.2"
Front Base Width - 29" - 33.9"
Frame Height - 57"
Wheel Diameter - Front - 3.5"
Weight - 317 lbs.

Boom Capacity @ Length

Capacity Min. Hook Height Max. Hook Height
2 Ton  18.38"  62.5"
1.5 Ton 14" 75.25"
1/2 Ton 5" 89"