Get Omega shop equipment here. If you're not familiar with Omega products, where have you been? They're most well known for their floor jacks, but have a wide compliment of shop tools and equipment to suit the needs of any true professional service tech. These additional items include creepers, transmission and air jacks, wheel dollies, jack stands, engine stands and hoists along with many other items. Their manufacturing facilities are state of the art, with ISO 9001:2001 conformity and  the ultimate reliability.

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  • Omega Single Staff Telescopic Transmission Jack

    Omega Telescopic Transmission Jack 42001

    Omega 42001 Air Transmission Jack This 1 ton automotive transmission jack is perfect for the typical automotive garage. Features a single stage hydraulic ram that is chrome plated for maximum ...



  • Omega Floor Style Transmission Jack

    Omega Transmission Jack Low Profile 43000

    Omega 43000 Low Profile Transmission Jack has a 1-1/2 Ton capacity. Saddle is fully adjustable and can tilt side to side / front to back to allow for precise alignment of the automobile transmission to ...



  • Omega Single Staff Telescopic Transmission Jack

    Omega Telescopic Transmission Jack 42003

    Omega 1 Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack  Omega is known for building commercial quality equipment at very reasonable prices. This 1 ton automotive transmission jack is perfect for the typical ...



  • Omega Floor Style Transmission Jack

    Omega Transmission Jack Low Profile 42000C

    Omega 42000C 1 Ton Low Profile Transmission Jack   Floor style transmission jacks are especially handy when you don't have a full rise auto lift. It features a fully adjustable saddle that can tilt ...



  • Omega 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramp

    Omega Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton 93201

    Omega Model 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton |  Extremely durable | Sold and to be used only in pairs Ships by freight truck.  A $40.00 freight fee will be added if shipping to ...



  • Omega 93200 Truck Ramps

    Omega Truck Ramps 20 Ton 93200

    Omega Model 93200 Truck Ramps 20 Ton Capacity |  Extremely Rugged Construction | Sold and to be used in a set of 2 only Ships by freight truck.  A $40.00 freight fee will ...



  • Omega 60200 Shop Press

    Omega Shop Press 60200

    Omega Model 60200 20 Ton Shop Press with Bottle Jack Excellent for bending, bonding, or straightening applications offers multi-position bed for work height adjustment



  • Air Hydraulic Truck Jack 23221

    Omega Air Hydraulic Truck Jack 23221C

    Omega Model 23221C 22 Ton Air Hydraulic Truck Jack Nobody beats Omega when it comes to providing a professional quality auto and truck air jack at a reasonable price. User friendly, self-returning ...



  • Omega 2 Ton Hydraulic Engine Hoist

    Omega Hydraulic Engine Hoist 2-Ton 44020

    Omega 2 Ton Engine Crane Model 44020 Featuring a special 8 Ton hydraulic hydraulic long ram with a patented safety overload by-pass mechanism built in to assure safety and longevity.



  • Omega 60120 12 Ton Shop Press

    Omega Shop Press 60120

    Omega Model 60120 12 Ton Shop Press with Bottle Jack Ideal for removal or installation of gears, universal joints, pullys, writs pins and other various press jobs. Bonding, bending or ...



  • Omega Automotive Engine Stand

    Omega Automotive Engine Stand 31256

    Omega Engine Stand Model 31256 | 1,250 Lb. Capacity Includes heavy duty worm gear mechanism which allows technician to rotate the motor smoothly and easily. Note - This item ships by freight ...



  • Omega Low Profile Transmission Jack

    Omega 41100C Transmission Jack Low Profile

    Omega 41100C Low Pofile Transmission Jack  Omega low profile transmission jack with an 1100 lb. lifting capacity. Features an adjustable saddle that can fit nearly any transmission,  and can ...



  • Omega Low Profile Floor Jack

    Omega Floor Jack Low Profile 29023B

    Omega 29023B 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack This is the ultimate floor jack for low profile cars. Perfect for low-riders and sports cars with low clearance issues. Not only does it have a low profile ...



  • Omega Lift 3-in-1 Car Dolly Set

    Omega Car Dolly Set 47020

    Omega Lift 3-in-1 Heavy-Duty Auto Dolly Set (Sold in Pair) The 2,000 lb heavy duty car dolly set holds a vehicle by the wheel, by the pinch weld and by the frame. With no tools required for assembly or ...



  • Omega Fuel Tank Adapter

    Omega Transmission Jack Fuel Tank Adapter 40080

    Omega Model 40080 Fuel Tank Adapter is suitable for use with the following Omega telescoping transmission jacks - 41000C, 41001C, 42001 and 42003.



  • Omega Magic Lift Service Jack Stands Combo 25055

    Omega Magic Lift Service and Jack Stands Combo 25055

    Omega 2.5 Ton Magic Lift Service Jack and 3 Ton Jack Stands Combo Model 25055 Faster lifting for commercial performance. Why wait? No need for endless pumping. This package must ship by freight truck. ...



  • Omega Pin-Style Floor Jack Stand

    Omega Floor Jack Stand Pin Style 32075B

    Omega 32075B 7 Ton Forklift Style Jack Stand This pin style stand offers strong, welded steel construction for superior stability, reliability and capacity. 



  • Omega Oil Drip Pan

    Omega Engine Stand Drip Tray 92510

    Oil Drip Pan Fits all Omega engine stands. Price when purchased with stand. Please call for pricing if shipping separately.



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Omega Lift Equipment is a division of SFA - Commercial quality professional automotive lifting equipment including service jacks, transmission jacks, engine hoists, bearing press and many other innovative products including their patented "Magic Lift" feature. Shinn Fu Company of America (SFA) manufactures and distributes throughout the globe. Over the past 30 years, SFA has become the leading distributors of automotive and industrial hydraulic lift equipment in the US and Canada, and they place a premium on quality. Because their lifting products are manufactured in the Shinn Fu Group's ISO-9000 compliant factories, we are able to provide garage owners with a premium quality product that meets the highest industry standards, such as ASME/ANSI.

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