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Why should you purchase a BendPak TriMax and VMax air compressor ?
The BendPak TRI-MAX Series air compressors have quickly gained a reputation as a leader in the industry by vetting them through the toughest tests of all - running them in high demand situations out in the field. They have been tested in high volume auto shops, body shops and industrial applications to ensure that every model can handle the rigorous demand that a commercial shop can dish out.
The Tri-Max three cylinder pump is innovative in it's W-3 design with it's cooling features and functions with efficiency even under extreme load conditions. The low RPM's it operates under allow it to function with less heat, lower noise levels, as well as greater air supply and CFM's. Features like the larger diameter finned cppoer tubes allows them to operate a optimal efficiency and it's rugged cast iron construction also contributes to  greater longevity, and less down time. Greater air flow is accomplished with it's heavy duty disc valves and results in greater air output than comparable models with the same HP. Each model includes dual service valves as well as pressure gauge.
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  • BendPak RS7580H-603 Rotary Screw Air Compressor

    BendPak Rotary‐Screw Air Compressor RS7580H‐603

    BendPak RS7580H‐603 7.5 HP Rotary‐Screw Air Compressor With high performance, efficiency and reliability in mind, the BendPak Hush-Quiet RS7580H‐603 rotary screw air compressor meets the compressed air ...



  • BendPak V-MAX Elit 10120V-603 Air Compressor

    BendPak V-MAX Elite Air Compressor VMX-10120V-603

    BendPak 10120V-603 V-MAX Elite™ Air Compressor, 10 HP, 120‐Gallon Vertical Tank, 3 Phase Meet the monstrous BendPak V-Max Elite™ 10120V-603 3-phase air compressor system. When it comes to ...



  • BendPak 7580V-603 V-MAX Elite Air Compressor

    BendPak V-MAX Elite Air Compressor 7580V-603

    BendPak 7580V-603 V-MAX Elite™ Air Compressor, 7.5 HP, 80‐Gallon Vertical Tank, 3 Phase Up your air game with the V-Max Elite™ 7580V-603 3-phase compressor from BendPak. V-Max Elite™ ...



  • V-MAX Elite 7580V-601 Air Compressor

    BendPak V-MAX Elite Air Compressor 7580V-601

    BendPak 7580V-601 V-MAX Elite™ Air Compressor, 7.5 HP, 80‐Gallon Vertical Tank, 1 Phase V-Max Elite™ 7580V-601 combines leading-edge technology with the superior build-quality you've come to ...



  • BendPak Elite TS-580V-601 Air Compressor

    BendPak Elite Air Compressor TS-580V-601

    TS-580V-601 Elite™ Air Compressor, 5 HP, 80‐Gallon Vertical Tank BendPak Elite™ air compressors are designed with energy saving in mind. They’re built for efficiency and lower ...




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Bend Pak Air Compressors

are better for several reasons. Due to their three cylinder design, they operate at a much slower RPM. This provides several benefits. Less moisture build-up in the tank and air lines because of less heat. Less heat also means the air compressor will last much longer. Plus, there will be considerably less noise, which anybody in a loud auto shop can appreciate. Finally, you'll see greater air CFM output because of the pump design. Compare the BendPak 5 HP and 7.5 HP models to other competitor models out there. You'll find that the Bend Pac model provides significantly more air. And don't forget about the BendPak 5/2/1 warranty.

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