Since 1947, Schumacher Electric corporation hase been on the leading edge of technological advances in automotive and vehicle battery charging systems. No other name has more clout in the industry. Top products include Schumacher battery chargers, automotive and truck jump starting solutions, battery testers and many other vital products for a fully outfitted auto shop. When you've been around this long, you can claim to be an authority on the subject.

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  • Schumacher Battery Charger

    Schumacher Automotive Battery Charger INC-812-A

    2/12A 12V Automatic Eight Battery Charging Station Charge multiple batteries at one time - Up to 8 batteries total. This is a premium battery charging station by the biggest and best name in the industry.



  • Schumacher Wheeled Battery Charger SE-8050

    Schumacher Wheeled Battery Charger SE-8050

    4/30/60/300A 6/12V Manual Wheel Charger w/Engine StartHeavy-duty model for big fleet operations & industrial use. Ideal for repair shops that need a lot of power & the ability to test batteries & ...



  • Schumacher Wheeled Battery Chargers

    Schumacher Wheeled Battery Charger SE-3000

    150/200A 6/12/18/24V This is a Manual Wheeled Battery Charger with Engine Start feature. This is a Heavy-duty model designed for use in big fleet operations & commercial / industrial ...



  • Schumacher Wheeled Battery Charger

    Schumacher Wheeled Battery Charger SE-4022

    2/10/40/200A 6/12V Manual Wheeled Battery Charger with Engine Start Perfect battery charger for home hobbyist DIY crowd, automotive shops, fleet service centers, and professional mechanics. This model ...




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Schumacher battery chargers are the standard by which all others are judged. They manufacture an elite automotive industry battery charger that is perfect for just about any application. From smaller single battery units up to multiple battery charging stations, as well as testers and jump starters, Schumacher has got you covered. They create consumer as well as commercial and industrial purpose machines. Wheeled larger units and bench top models are available, as well as traditional carbon pile battery load testers and even hand held car battery jump starters. With decades of years fabricating top quality auto equipment, you can count on Schumacher Electric to provide you with the best product within your price range.

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